Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 31 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 31 August 2020, Rahul informs Preisha about Neerja’s sudden pain and bleeding.

Preisha asks her to reach the hospital, he will meet her there and after conveying the message to Rudraksha, will leave for the hospital.

Rahul arrives at the hospital with Neerja, Preisha tells him that he has to undergo surgery as the bleeding and pain is not good.

Neerja asks Preisha to save her child and she can do whatever she wants. Rahul says that his child should have nothing.

Preisha says that she takes care of both Neerja and her child and asks him to do the paperwork for the surgery. Sarsangh tells Rudraksha about his fight with his friend and also about the challenge.

He says that even though his friend’s father is boxer Rudraksha, he is not afraid of it.

Rudraksha is horrified to learn that she has to fight against the boxer and asks why he did not inform her earlier.

Saranash asks if he is afraid to fight. Rudraksha says that he is not afraid of anyone.

Sarnash tells that Ayan will bring his father for a boxing match tomorrow. Rudraksha says that he knows not just boxing but also playing guitar and says that his bones will be broken in the fight.

He asks her to stop the fight. The summary says that he cannot do it because it is about his honor so Rudraksha has to fight. Rudraksh says that his honor is bigger than Saranash’s honor.

Sarnash says that he is sure that Rudraksha will win the match. He says that everyone used to tease him for not being a father, now he has him and he will please and pray for his victory.

He says that he will ensure that Rudraksha wins. Rudraksh says that Saranash is his honor and he will win for her. Sarsangh informs Sharda.

Ahana comes to Rudraksha’s room and asks what is Saranash fighting for. Rudraksha tells him about Saranash’s challenge with his friend. Ahana says that Saranash is not a child Rudraksha and asks him to behave like an adult.

Rudraksha says that he is going to fight for his son, he cannot hurt him. She says that she is behaving like a lunatic and says that she is a celebrity and that her face is important to her and says that she knows she did not hear him.

Ahana feels that Rudraksha’s attachment to Saranash is increasing and once she learns about Saranash’s father, she does not let Preisha and Saransh stay in his house.

Preisha tells Rahul that the report tells her that Neerja takes an abortion pill and thinks how it happened.

Rahul says that he and his wife have made a lot of plans for their child and asks her to investigate why she would take an abortion pill and the report is false.

She says that she checked twice and the result is similar and asks to show the pills taken by Neerja. Sonia, who had come for an abortion, meets Preisha and tells her that there is no bleeding and she sees the pill.

Preesha realizes that the pills were exchanged and wonders how it happened. Later Preisha scolds the nurse for her mistake. The nurse apologizes to Preisha and asks him to save her.

Then Preisha tells Rahul about everything. Rahul gets angry and threatens Preisha that he will go to the medical board and his doctor will make sure to cancel his license if anything happens to his wife and his child.

The nurse admits that it was her fault, not Preisha’s. Preisha says that she can do whatever she wants and will do what she wants to save Neerja and her child.

Rudraksha reads Rajiv’s diary and recalls the moments shared with Preisha after reading Rajiv’s explanation about his love.

He wonders why he is thinking all this and finds it strange because Rajiv was in love with Preisha or he cheated on her. He feels that his heart is no longer believing that he cheated Rajiv.

At the hospital, Neerja says that no one tells about her child and asks Preisha to tell her where her child is. Preisha tells him that she gave a cute baby boy.

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