Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 17 August 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode 17 August 2020, Balraj scolds Rudra. He says that I did not let you do this foolishness. Rudra says, I will not release any concert, recording, advertisement or music, I will stop singing, our money and business will be exhausted, I got a chance to finish my studies, if you snatch the opportunity, you get paid Have to pay a big price.

Balraj raised his hands on her. Prisha holds her hand. Yuvraj says thank you Mr. Rahul Arora, you called me for this interview, it will be an honor to work for you. Rahul says that you are qualified for this job, you have been a judge and a distinguished lawyer, you want to work as a legal advisor.

Yuvraj says this is my dream, I have always fought for the truth, I have left the post of judge, I do not lie, I have many ambitions, I wanted to apply in your company, you will know that I am a good lawyer. Rahul says you are a big liar, I came to know everything about you, you did not resign from the post of judge, you were suspended, then you were banned from practicing law.

Balraj asks how dare you hold my hand. He raises his hands on her. She shouts… Dare not. Everyone watches. She says don’t make this mistake of raising your hands on me, otherwise I will put you in jail, you forced me to stop you, how dare you raise your hand on your son, did you see yourself, you Know the truth, you have beaten Rudra when he was a child, you did not let him come to school, you took away his childhood, he is right, you are selfish, you treated him like a note-printing machine, not a human being, You should be ashamed when this happens. Ahana said, Prisha…

Prisha says shut up, don’t talk in the middle. She says that Rudra is still an adult, he will decide for himself, he will complete his studies. Balraj says who are you who stand between us as a wall. She says that Rudraksh Khurana is the legal wife of Mrs Rudraksha.

Rudra looks at her. She asks Balraj not to talk about the situation. He threatens to police her. Ahana says please stop, what are you saying, Pritha. He stops Balraj from getting angry. She begs him not to say anything. Balraj goes. Ahana says that Preisha, behave. She goes.

Rudra looks at Prisha. Sarsangh praises him. Rudra goes away. Sharada’s concern. Rahul says that I know you have filled all the wrong details, I have called you to see how much lies you can get to get this job, get lost from here.

Yuvraj got angry. He says call the guards, the police will come to arrest you, I have checked your past before coming here, you are the owner of a big company, this grand house, you must have done a lot, must have done a wrong thing, remember Keep, your head office caught fire last year. He smiles.

Prisha comes and says that I should not speak like that, wrong is wrong, your father is wrong, I can’t stand it, sorry. Rudra cries and hugs him. This bond of love… .play…. He says that even Rajiv cannot protect me, what you have done today, I always feel alone, but I feel that I am not alone, thank you.

Prisha says don’t thank me, as long as I am in your life, I will always support you, thank you, you joined the school and showed courage. Sharda comes and says that Balraj will take it as an insult, he does not know what he will do. Prisha says if we get scared then will Saresh also be in fear. Rudra says no, I will answer Dad. Prisha says that we are all with you. Saransh says we are a family, promising. They hold hands and smile.

Yuvraj says that your companions were stuck in the recording studio, you wanted to be a superhero and save them, people stopped them, you had to save some precious, legal papers, you could only own the business, your partner Died, you became rich. Are you the boss or the murderer, maybe, next time, both of them, don’t lecture me about truth and lies, I find it boring, we have something in common, Rudraksh Khurana. , Who is your biggest competitor, he earns a lot, I know you failed to get him out, because you did not have the crown, your money and my mind, we can take it out.

Rahul asks what did he do. Yuvraj says that he cheated on me and married my wife, he has my precious thing, I have to get it, tell me, shake hands with me. Rahul shook hands. He says the enemy’s enemy is a friend, he is welcome. Yuvraj smiled.

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