Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 15 December

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 1 December 2021

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 1 December 2021, Venky tells Preesha that Mishka want to ruin his life that’s why she is falsely accusing him again. He asks his family to save him from Mishka and cries. Param asks Mishka to tell the truth. She accepts that she falsely accused Venky 10 years back and also it’s true that he raped her for revenge.

Param tells her that she lied to him and she is not the same Mishka whom he loved so she can’t become Vidhi’s mother now. Preesha asks him that what is he saying. He tells her that he is leaving Mishka because she ruined someone’s life 10 years back and she hided that huge truth from him. He says to her that he is glad that he got to know the truth before marriage. He refuses to marry Mishka and leaves from there. Mishka asks him to not leave and cries.

Venky acts like he is feeling bad for Mishka. Rudraksh gets angry and tries to attack him. Preesha defends Venky. Rudraksh reveals that what all Venky did to ruin Mishka’s marriage rituals. Venky tells Preesha that these all lies and asks Rudraksh that how can he think about him like this. He acts like getting panic attack. Rudraksh tells them that Venky is totally fine and now acting.

He tells Preesha that Venky don’t deserve their love and he is worst than Mahima. Vasudha slaps him and warns him to not utter a word against Venky. She tells him that Venky can’t answer him back that’s not mean that the latter can say whatever he wants to say. She says to him that she and Preesha are alive to support Venky.

He tells her that Venky betraying her. Preesha asks him to stop it. He tells her that he will give an evidence to prove Venky’s crime by doing medical test of Mishka.

She tells him that his truth will come out then they will decide that they want to continue their relationship or not. Mishka asks them to not fight because of her. Rudraksh tells her that Preesha has to understand that she is out of jail because of her. Preesha tells her that this time it’s about Venky’s reputation so she can’t stay silent.

Next day, Rudraksh and Preesha takes Mishka to the hospital for test. He thinks that why Preesha is not believing him this time. Preesha thinks that Rudraksh hurted her by accusing Venky. Nurse informs them that they will get Mishka’s test report later.

Later, Vasudha tells Preesha that she can’t live in Khurana house. She asks her that does she want to live in this house because Rudraksh may accuse her too in the future. She is about to take Preesha from there but Rudraksh stops her. She asks him to apologize to them for accusing Venky.

He tells her that Mishka’s test report will prove everything. Preesha tells Vasudha that she won’t leave the house for now and she will take her decision after proving that Rudraksh is wrong. Vasudha and Gopal leaves the house with Venky.

After some time, Preesha fights with Rudraksh for Venky. He asks her to not become blind in Venky’s love. She is about to leave the room but Saaransh stops her and he makes them lay on the bed beside him ( Title song plays in the background ). Later, Rudraksh receives Mishka’s report.

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