Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12 November 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12 November 2020, Roshni and does not understand what happened to the season? He becomes the brightest sun and faint and falls to the floor.

All the housemates appear in the hall and Aman is about to come to Roshni but Rubina stops them. She uses her magic and frys all the people at her places.

She sits besides the lights and takes out her heart and engages it in her body. She thinks she wins the game. She left from there and all the members were released.

Aman tries to wake him up but Rubina comes and says that he is dead and I did what I always wanted to do. She makes fun of Aman for not being able to save Roshni despite saying such big words.

She says that you said that you will not let the light happen, but see what I want, only happened here. Anjum notices Suraj and is shocked.

Baby says that if it is the night of the brightest sun, the light will not wake up. Aman gets nervous and tries to wake him up. Rubina says that I am bored with your face and movements.

Glad I don’t have to tolerate you guys any more. She says, but my work is not done yet and calls four different types of jinn again who come to Aman and family even earlier.

She asks them that they are very upset, so you kill them all at once. Aman and Rehan try to cover their family members, but could not. Rubina says that today your magic will not work and Aman does not even know to call it a juggler.

Rehaan and Shayari go to rescue the family members but before they get caught in the spider web along with other family members.

Aman tries his best to save them from this and Chunbun is doing a countdown. As soon as he is done with his count the family members fall and he dies on the spot.

Chhaya Jinn stabs Rehan and Shayari to death and Shayari looks at Rehan with love and falls to the floor and both of them close their eyes. Aman goes and sits besides them and cries. Rubina comes from behind and stabs Aman.

.Man goes to Roshni and holds her hand and her eyes hurt a lot. suddenly Roshni’s dream is over and she gets up and sees that everything is fine and she is having a dream.

She embraces Aman and examines all the family members. She says that I changed my decision to give my heart to Tabiji because that woman can do anything after gaining power and she says that I have also thought of an alternative way.

She asks for help from Shayari and Shayari agrees with him. Later Shayari and Roshni form a physical bridge between them and Roshni’s child is transferred to Shayari’s womb for security purposes.

Suddenly the house is felt with smoke and they descend into the dark magical forest. All the family members are shocked to see this.

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