Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12th Saptember 2020, The family asks him to catch a catch with the child and Aman throws the child into the air and Roshni catches him.

Aman finds himself back for some time but then returns to his evil self.

Aman asked Roshni that you cannot change me now but Roshni says that I trust the power of love.

Aman says forget the power of love and show me your power and offer him a fight.

Roshni accepts and the housemates are ready to witness the fight and say that it will be in the evening.

Rubina tells Roshni that currently she is stronger than you. She says that I will arrange something for you so that you can avoid the gaze of the shadow-genie.

Chhaya-Jan approached Roshni and said accept your defeat and come to me and accept the bad effect because it is not so difficult and Roshni tells her that you are not so good that I look into your eyes and remember Keep that evil always loses. He asks do you have too much confidence about yourself?

She says no I don’t trust my almighty so much. Rehan asks Rubina to find out about the hill of fire and asks if everything is okay in the house? Rubina says don’t both of you come here, just go to Shyambazar and meet the blue parrot there and he can take you to the hill of fire and we will manage here.

Rubina gives Roshni a black cloth to wear on her eyes and ties Armaan with the baby carrier around her body.

She comes to fight with Aman and Rubina asks Aman not to use her magical powers so that the confrontation takes place between them in a similar manner.

Aman says I don’t care about all this, everything is fair in love and war.

Roshni says that I never know that you are such a coward that you need external powers and witchcraft to defeat a woman who is blindfolded and has a child with her.

It hits Aman and he says that I don’t need my magic against you but I’m defeating you myself.

Roshni says that I strongly believe that my Khan Baba is alive inside you in some way and you will be able to feel it. I do not intend to harm or defeat you.

Aman is impressed the moment before but then he goes back to his demon and moves towards Roshni and she walks away and she lands on a couch.

Roshni says don’t force me to do what I don’t want to do. Aman does not listen and is coming towards her but Roshni exerts her powers and ties him to the chain.

Aman says that it was decided not to use magic, so why? Chhaya Jin says that you have cheated, that means you have some gray tendency too.

She says that evil has been defeated for decades and I believe that the evil prevalent in Aman’s brain cannot eradicate the anxiety and love for her father.

Rehan and Shayari find blue parrots in the market and follow them.

Rubina is unable to help Roshni as the other housemates catch her.

He places Armaan on a bucket and goes to Aman. He comes to Armaan and Chhaya Jinn says that now see what she will do for you and your child? Aman gives a look at Chhaya Jinn.

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