Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13 November 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13 November 2020, Family members are shocked to see their surroundings. They see the forest around them and cannot understand anything.

Roshni sees her surroundings and realizes that it is the night of the brightest sun and Rubina suddenly comes there using the Pittal Gate. Rubina tells Roshni to come with her and Roshni gets scared.

Rubina tries to intimidate him by showing all her powers and genie with her. Seeing Roshni, she is scared that her eyesight is getting similar and she tells Rubina that I am coming with you.

She is about to accompany him when suddenly Aman asks Rubina about Armaan.

He says that you promised to give us back Armaan in exchange for Roshni. We are ready to give you light but first give us armaan. Rubina brings Armaan and Aman and Roshni runs to him and expresses his love.

Rubina is asking Roshni to come along with her and graciously calls her. Roshni gives Aman one last hag and asks Salma to take care of Armaan and move on.

Rubina says that ultimately you have to do what I wanted. Roshni refused to go with her in the first place and said that I changed my call to come with you.

Roshni says I was ready to give my heart to you, everyone in my family tries to stop me but I did not pay any attention.

However, thanks to God and my parents that they helped me see the future. I am aware of what you are going to do so I change my call and she does not ask the family to fear Rubina as she will not be able to do anything for them.

Aman arrives at the top of a hill and uses his magic to place an eclipse on the golden sun, so that he can save Robbie from health. He is performing some dangerous magic here and is facing difficulties.

Rubina leaves Roshni and comes to a different place. Roshni asks him where he brings her and why and Rubina sees the ring in Roshni’s finger. She asks him what it is and Roshni says that it is a gift of my mother’s soul to me.

Roshni thinks why Rubina is afraid of my running and suddenly a power comes out of her ring and a tree breaks. Rubina, using her tricks, took the ring from him and said that it is your bad luck that your mother did not tell you about the powers and protection that this ring would require.

Aman is captured by Chhaya Jinn but Armaan helps Aman and he successfully escapes from his clutches.

Rubina refuses to give the ring and is telling Roshni how she is better off without her parents ring and how she is the one who can also use the ring’s powers.

Rubina smiles in victory when she sees that Roshni is no longer with her and she gets angry again.

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