Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th Saptember 2020, Roshni comes and sits besides Aman. She starts to free him from the chains and says that I am confident that you will not harm me or your son.

She says that I have complete faith in you. You called your destruction by freeing the shadow jinn says.

As soon as Roshni frees Aman, he runs to his son and takes him in his lap. He looks around and sees everyone around him.

Everyone is screaming and shouting at him and he finally sees Armaan and he smiles seeing her and this makes him surprised.

He looks deeply into Armaan’s eyes and he smiles at her again and Aman is unable to help but is impressed and hugs his son.

The moment he casts the shadow jinn, he not only gets away from it, but also away from all other family members.

Upon recovering from the hypnotized area, everyone is looking at each other and the shadow genie begins to break up and Roshni is shocked to see that her words and Armaan’s innocence finally work and Aman comes back.

She immediately goes to Aman and family members also gather around her. Roshni says I told you that evil can be more powerful, but it has to be defeated in front of good.

Aman says that as long as there is love in our family, no one can do us any harm. He asks for another name letter from Chhaya Jinn and he says La and disappears from the house.

There was a reunion with everyone in the family and now it is up to us to decide how to cope with the third genie? Tabiji says which name also starts and probably ends with la as well? Anjum says, but the question is, what guarantee have these people given to tell us the truth and if we know their name we will die.

He is not a dependable person to begin with. Rubina is about to investigate it in her Ilm-e-Jinn but before the Kala Jinn comes there.

On the other hand, Shayari and Rehan reach the cave of the fire hill with the help of a blue parrot. He enters the cave and discovers Jin’s cemetery.

He tried to read the name but then Shayari told Rehan that we have to do magic to know what exactly it is.

Rehan performs magic and they get a small letter and Shayari is about to investigate it and Rehan calls Roshni to the house.

Kala Jin says that if you can tell me your name now, then you don’t need to face the third magic lamp.

Aman says, I don’t need your help, we will fight the third genie too and find out your name.

Naam Natasha comes there before she can read Shayari and shoots him with an arrow and takes the letter and starts reading it.

She reads that her name is Zalaala and an earthquake strikes and she merges underground and the road is blocked for Shayari and Rehan to exit. Roshni and Aman felt somewhat disturbed in the house at night.

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