Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 18th Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 18th Saptember 2020, Roshni is called Jinnah. Rehan and Shayari come there. Rehan performs magic and prevents everyone from taking names. They all have a cloth tied on their mouth.

Rehaan and Shayari remember to take help of fairy idol. Rehan says that you cannot take the name of Kala Jin, otherwise you will die, we have seen Natasha dying.

Shayari says that she has put such a condition to win both ways. Rehan states that whoever takes his name is killed. He heard Kaila Jinn laughing.

Aman and Roshni reached him. Everyone watches. Aman says you lied to us, you said that if we get your name, you will go out of our lives, but the one who takes your name will die, it is a deception.

The black genie says you also cheated me, you agreed to my condition, give me a child.

Aman calls Bazigar … Kala Jin says I will go forever if you mention my name. Aman says no one will say

Roshni cries and Zala shouts. Aman gave voice to Roshni. Kaal Jinn stops and says you took my name, Ayana, now your story is over.

Everyone seems shocked. Aman cries. Salma says why nothing happened to Roshni. Kala Jinn asks how you survived, how it is possible.

Aman says baby soul…. Tabiji says thank God… .. Roshni did not reveal your name, baby soul told your name, she is still in Roshni.

Kala Jinn says that it is a hoax. Aman says that you cheated us and used our child against us, they have heard their parents, see what I do now.

The black gene disappears. Baby soul goes with light. Aman hugs her. They see the infant soul. Roshni goes away and the soul kisses.

She says thank you for helping us, please stay with us. She cries. Aman smiles and dodges the child’s soul.

He says you stay with us now, this family is incomplete without you. Tabizi says that it is time for the child’s soul to leave. Grandma says their world is different, let them go.

Aman says that if you do not live in our world, you will live in our heart. The child laughs and goes away. Aman says I promise, I will not leave the black genie. Aman and Roshni go to Kaila Jinn.

Tabizi says that when his name is taken, Kaal whom Tanja will be taunting, he puts his heart out to fool the attackers, you have to find his heart and destroy it to kill the black gen.

Roshni tells Aman to take care. Aman called Kala a jinn. He says if you dare then fight me.

Kaal Jin says that you are the Jinnat king, you did not keep him with me, who will die at my hands. Aman gets his sword.

He says I don’t need my son to kill you, I’m enough. Kala Jinn says you are brave but stupid, you know very well that only your child can kill me, you came here, do you think you can change your luck.

Roshni comes and shakes Aman head. Aman says that I will never bring my child here, you have no heart to understand the innocent of the child.

Kala Jin says I have a heart, but you can’t find it. Roshni leaves some bubble and says that this means that her heart is close.

She looks at the mountain and says that her heart is here. She signs Aman. Kala Jinn says you have forgotten that I have a mind too.

He stops the lights. Aman threw his sword at the rock and shattered it. They see the heart beating inside. Roshni says that you will not be saved anymore.

Kala Jinn asks how you will change fate. Rehan and Shayari get Armaan. Aman asks Armaan to vindicate fate. Roshni says we are with you, don’t worry.

Rehan and Shayari ask Armaan to do it. They encourage Armaan to kill the Kala Jinn. Armaan smiled.

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