Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th Saptember 2020, The water baby is with the genie who comes in front of the family and says that you all cannot stop me from getting the fourth power.

Rubina asks Roshni and Aman to take Armaan far away from here as the water genie cannot survive without water for long. The water genie is asking for water and is searching for it in the whole house.

Shayari and Rehaan are trying to catch Kiki, who is refusing to know Shayari and trying to escape by saying that Kala Jinn will now come here.

The water genie gets a drop of water and is taking Armaan far away from that place. She says that I have enough strength to bring the gate of hell to the land.

But I will leave the place I came from. Roshni stops him from going with Armaan and says that I accept my defeat from you.

She tells the whole family that we have lost our powers, even in this situation we will not be able to do anything. She asks the water genie to give her some time so that she can arrange the feast.

The water jinn captures Armaan in his magic circle and says that he will stay with me. Roshni arranged a feast and said that I want to celebrate my son’s birthday as a memento.

She arranges for the huge objects and says that I originally had a plan for the water genie. He is a fish and a fish once started eating it cannot be stopped at all. She will do the same, so we have to make her food.

Roshni gets a birthday cake for the water genie and forcefully feeds her, saying that you can’t ask for it. She refuses to eat anything further, saying that I cannot make such a mistake.

Shayari is desperately trying to catch Kiki but disappears from the cave using her powers. The reason for Shayari is that she can help him to close the hell door of the Jinn land.

Rehan tells him that we should go back to our house because maybe we need more there instead of staying in this cave. They are about to leave when they see that a small child is there and crying and Shayari is having an affair.

Rubina, Aman and Roshni are wondering how to give the water jinn something to eat so that the food can go into a coma while Roshni sees Armaan.

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