Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th Saptember 2020, Roshni has threatened the spider aunt that if you do not leave my mother soon then I will make your life a hell.

Chunmun tells Roshni that your anger will only create problems for you, so try to control it.

Roshni is about to attack him when Aman stops him and says that right now neither we know his strength nor his weakness.

Roshni feels sad for her mother. While Rubina tells them that she had already told Shayari and Rehan about it.

Aman calls Rehan to find out anything about the Spider gene but Rehan says that we are coming back home while Roshni tries to talk to them but Rehan stops her and says that our issues But you don’t have a good way and you always get us in trouble.

Shayari thinks how a fool and a fool can be a genie.

Aman and Roshni get irritated and say do one thing, first debate among themselves and then call us back and till then we are waiting.

Rehaan apologizes and Aman asks Rehan to talk to him for Shayari. She says I can’t say what her weakness is, but I can send my master with a sharp knife cz, every genie’s heart is weak and if you attack their heart, they will be there for us.

Will be quite weak for the time. Think of some concrete and creative options.

She says that I will think about how the knife will reach you. Its owner is in the junk house with its entire setup of Golgappa.

He tells them that Shayari informed me about everything. Don’t worry I’ll give you a knife soon.

Chunmun comes there and asks what is this? She also tries to find out what she brought when they say it is waterballs and after trying to sniff them for a while she throws them on the floor saying that it is not good.

He says that you have done me a lot of damage while Chunmun says that Aman will pay you for it.

Once she is busy talking she hands over a box to Anjum and they hand it to each other and it reaches Aman.

He advised Aman that the Spider Genie usually falls asleep between 12-1 pm. When Rehaan says that I will go to meet Natasha, Rehan and Shayari are off again.

Shayari says that she is your first love, you can’t stop loving her and stop thinking about her.

Rehan says that there is nothing like this and Shayari says that she too will accompany Natasha while meeting her. He agrees after much argument and he goes to meet Natasha. He tries to make her feel romantic so that she knows the name of Kala Jinn while Shayari is listening.

Aman is trying to open the box to take out the knife, but is not able when Armaan opens it using his magical powers.

Roshni and Aman go to attack Chunmun and he hits her on the chest but she says that her heart is not here but elsewhere.

Aman and Roshni come back from there thinking that their heart can come somewhere else?

Rubina gives him a magic ball and says that it can give you a hint about the heart. They again go to Chunmun’s room and find that the ball is going to an empty wall and they realize how ruthless she is and leave the room.

On the other hand, Shayari comes in front of Natasha and she tells both Rehan and Shayari that she wants her family members to be hurt one by one.

She blames the two jinn about being present at Junaid’s house, making Roshni and Rehan shocked. Rehan gives the same information to Aman and Roshni and Aman thinks that the other genie may be invisible to us.

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