Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Aman is sleeping in his bed and remembers what happened last night and he just appears straight and empty.

Seeing Aman in such a situation, the family members feel bad.

Rehan is asking Shayari to go out of the house while she says that I am just trying to help this family.

Rubina comes there and helps Shayari while a week is left in the middle and Anjum feels that it has been a week but Aman is still the same.

Salma says that my daughter knows that Aman loved the child very much and would not let anything happen to the child.

Aman wakes up from sleep and notices the snow and roses in his room while the birds are watching the baby child.

Aman calls the family members, but does not prepare them to see what he saw in his room.

Shayari calls someone and says I have to come and meet you, Rehan follows her.

Aman finds a rose petal in her room and Roshni is standing in front of him and calling him but he is unable to see her as he is not visible.

Roshni asks Aman for help but he can feel it but cannot see her. Shayari is going to a place and she can see that Rehan is following her.

Roshni is trying to send a message to Aman, but she cannot touch anything and is not able to touch anything to write or speak.

He gives her a signal using his powers and makes Aman realize that he is around her but the light is off and Aman becomes emotional and happy seeing this.

Roshni is trying to give a hint to the family and especially the family about her presence. She gives him a message through her powers.

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