Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 10 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 10 August 2020, Roshni sees Aman approaching that room and the world of magic arranges surprises for his upcoming child. Aman asks Roshni Do you hear any strange noises? Roshni said no then she says it could be due to the huge flow of wind but Aman saw that all the doors and windows were closed.

He says what are you hiding from us? He was about to check Roshni’s hand but before he could do anything he got a call from Khanna and he went in the other direction.

Shayari is talking to her aunt and says that as soon as I get the salary amount I will send money for school fees. Rehan is in the office and Natasha tries to seduce him but he says this is my office and tells Natasha to hide.

Shayari is coming to give her work to Rehan but Natasha fell down from behind the cupboard and Shayari looked at her and said with a smile that this is your important work sir. She comes to meet Roshni and shares all the incidents with her and says that your mother-in-law pretends to be innocent and polite but he is not very cunning and a polite man.

Roshni tries to defend her brother while Rehan on the other hand complains to Aman that he is a shayari gene hunter when he tells Aman that he has a lot of doubts about her. If you take my advice, stop harassing her.

Roshni is talking to Shayari, when she says that my aunt can’t always be a mystery to say two things, a man’s motive and a woman’s pregnancy.

Roshni notices that some of the children’s clothes are floating in the air and she goes to hide them before anyone can see them. During Aman’s birth, Roshni overheard a conversation between Aman and Anjum about the magic egg.

Aman is excited for the light and he suspects that maybe she is also pregnant and this is a sign of the universe. He wants to go to the doctor and notice the lights, too. He shares with her that we should try, maybe it will be true.

Shayari thinks to call her before the lights go out, when her mint box fell out of her bag and went into Rehan’s room. She crawls to get it but she is shocked to see that she is looking at her pictures. She was shocked and tried to get out but Rehan grabbed her and again they left the shayari carrying cute and funny banners with each other.

Rubina comes to Anjum’s room and manages the situation and saves Roshni from the doctor’s examination by telling some lies. Aman saw Shayari walking through Rehan’s room and he told her that I hunt her jinn.

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