Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 11 August 2020, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 11 August 2020, Roshni and Rubina are talking about Roshni’s pregnancy. Rubina said I know this and in a few days Aman will know too because how can we think that he will not know.

The light goes down and says I never understand how to tell him this. It will be completely broken, so I need some time to get to it. Rubina reassured her that I would always be with you and that you do what I say. Rehan, on the other hand, is under constant surveillance from hunter Natasha.

Shayari re-discussed the issue of children’s fees. She gets a timeline of 7 days to pay the fee. Rehan noticed her talking on the phone and she wondered who she was talking to. Roshni sat down with Rubina and then she found out that they were both twins.

One of whom died, Roshni is crying a lot in front of Rubina and she thinks Aman will be broken if I tell her this news. She wonders why there is a happy short life and tribulation lasts so long.

Rehan tried to check the shayari necklace and for this he has grabbed her elbow and she has had some past incidents with her and suddenly she screamed in panic and ran out of the room as her whole body started shaking.

Rehan wonders why she did that. He thinks there must have been incidents like this before that triggered me. Natasha enters the office when her locket begins to glow in the candlelight.

Rubina advises Roshni to make a doctor’s appointment as she had an abortion and her life could be endangered without medical attention. Roshni called the doctor and made an appointment and informed Rubina. She promises to handle the things behind her. Ruby arranged a pillow on the bed to show that the lights were asleep.

Rubina looked at Aman and tried to stop the lights from going anyway. She keeps making useless excuses to stop Aman and Anjum says that is how people behave when they are pregnant.

When Rehan comes to visit Shayari, she says that I am not the girl you are thinking of. Rehan says I just want to check your necklace and give her his court and leaves. Aman gives Rubina a taste of the ice cream she is asking for and lets her let the lights go.

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