Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 12 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 12 August 2020, Roshni is watching a couple and imagining peace with her. She smiled. Khanna says you have worked for a week, this is your salary. Shayari says but, I want a month’s salary. He says that if Rehan had fired you, you would have received one month’s salary, but if you had resigned, you would have received one week’s salary.

Aman takes the light breakfast. Tabiji stops him and says Roshni is asleep. She shouts and says I’m dizzy. Aman asks are you all right? She says I’m dizzy today, let’s go out, I want to breathe here. He takes her out. She thinks the lights will come on soon.

Rehan thinks of shayari and says I am doing something wrong. He calls Khanna and says stop shayari, I need to talk to her. Khanna stops the shayari and says sir I want to talk to you. Rehan drinks coffee. His eye color changes. Grandma asks what happened.

Tabizi says I’m dizzy. Grandma’s phone rang and she put down the speaker. The man says the doctor’s appointment has been confirmed. Grandmother asks who is appointed. The man says Mrs. R. Khan. Aman looks at Tabiji and says I don’t blame you. Tabiji says I was going to tell. Aman says you are pregnant, congratulate her. Grandma asks how this will happen. Tabiji says no….

Grandma says you didn’t tell us. “I just found out,” says Tabiji. What Aman asks. He takes Tabiji with him. Shayari asks when he will come, I can’t wait.

Khanna says sir will come. Natasha takes a cup of coffee. She says you know I was hiding here, you’ll get the senses in five minutes and then you’ll forget everything. Shayari goes to Rehan’s cabin. She is seen sitting on Natasha’s lap.

Natasha asks I can help you. Khanna goes here after signing that there is no shayari. She told Khanna to go and saw Rehan’s work. Natasha saw the mark on Reta’s neck. She says now Rehan baby, see what I do with you.

Tabizi says I got stuck. Aman says I will come with you. Tabizi says Aman can see the light there, I have to tell her. She calls the lights. He says the nurse is not allowed to talk on the phone. Disconnects the light.

Rehan regains consciousness and says shayari… Natasha says you were asleep. He says I’m dizzy, I had to go to poetry. She says she quit her job. He asks if she is a jinn hunter, how did she go? Shayari chats and shouts. She complains about Rehan. The man asks her not to cry. “I don’t cry,” she says spicy. He says don’t quit your job, tell him to fire you. She was happy.

Aman tells Tabiji to come. Tabiji watches the lights go to the reception. She yells at Aman and turns to him. Roshni sees Aman. Natasha said I know your secret, now I will know your weakness. Tabiji asks who he is. Says Aman Doctor. She asks what it is. He calls it a stethoscope. Hide the lights. Tabiji signs her to go. The light goes on. Tabiji keeps him busy. He says I know you’re nervous, don’t worry, I’m with you. So I’m nervous, she says.

Light care. Khanna says that Amanna has sent this envelope for you, you can only check it, it is confidential. Rehan examines Farhan’s pictures. He says he hasn’t answered my call for four months, this girl is with him, I need to find her. The girl appeared. Tabiji tells Aman to go and attends the call. Aman says Rehan’s call.

Tabiji goes to see a doctor. Aman does not see the light. Roshni came to the doctor’s cabin and met Tabiji. She asks what are you doing here? Tabiji says I will tell. Aman asks if you have seen the pictures of the corporate event? Rehan says Farhan is with a girl, can we get more pictures to get this girl? Aman says no, we don’t have pictures.

Rehan says the girl has a unique umbrella. Aman says maybe we can find the umbrella and reach out to her. Shayari is a girl. She comes into the office. Tabizi asks Roshni to do the tests. The doctor tells Aman to come inside.

Aman really says, she is getting old. The doctor says she is too young, anyway, come inside and give her strength during the test. Tabiji asks what should I do now? The lights say the magic door. Tabiji says yes. She goes through the door. The light covers her face.

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