Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 14 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 14 August 2020, Aman and Roshni came back home and they were about to enter the house but Roshni noticed that there was no light in the house. She wonders where the members of the household are. Suddenly all the lights went on and she was given rose petals in all directions. Roshni is happy with this kind of treatment while Aman and Rubina are smiling at the arrangements made by the family members.

The people in the house became excited for the good news of the light and everyone started dancing around her to celebrate the moment. Rehan arrives there too and realizes that he is celebrating the news of Roshni’s pregnancy. Roshni is also trying to dance but Aman is preventing her from doing so.

Rehan took a look with Roshni and got both of them because of Roshni’s promise to Jean to save Aman’s life. The next morning the lights are asleep in her room. She woke up to the sound of the China bell ringing and she noticed that Aman was standing in front of her and looking at her.

Roshni asks him why he looks at me like that and he says that you and I want to give our child a very calm and peaceful environment.

Roshni was pleased with Aman’s gestures and flattened her heels. He says wearing heels in this state is not good for your health. Rehan is working on his laptop when Anjum tells Baby that the rain will never stop soon so you go upstairs and close all the windows otherwise drops of water will come inside.

Rehan immediately recalled the rain-soaked shayari. He ran to her and found that she had fainted from the fever. He brings her to our house and Anjum takes care of her. He asked his secretary to pay the six-month salary of Shayari in advance.

Natasha enters his room to find Rehan’s sword. She opened the cupboard and she began to search here and there and all the governments in it were scattered on the sofa and the bed of the room.

Roshni was walking through the room when she and Aman both heard some noise coming from inside. The two go inside to check but before going inside Natasha got a hint and she immediately hid under the bed. Seeing the state of the room,

Aman and Roshni are stunned and when they see Aman’s sword in the cupboard, they are trying to fix it. He tells the light of the presence of this sword that you don’t get any kind of good vibes of this kind. He says he has to find out what is actually going on in this house.

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