Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 17 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 17 August 2020, The lights are calling to everyone. Grandmother comes and asks what happened to Aman. Roshni says Aman had a salad and then fell down. Grandma checks the salad and says it has salt in it, a gin may not have it.

Roshni says Aman got it for me, he should have known that. She told Aman to get up. Shayari yells at Rehan and begs her not to touch him. She sat crying. Rehan looks up. Roshni remembers Aman and cries. Her tears fall on his face. He was aware. She asks, “Are you all right? You knew about the sea salt in the salad.” He says a little story. She says I was so scared. He fixed the window with his magic. He says that everything is fine now.

He calms her down. He says I had taken a vow from fate, until I had a better life, I would not go, I would not let my child lose a childhood like mine, now I would take care of myself, smile, I would take tea. He goes She shouts and says I promised to give the child a black jinn, Aman is very excited, what to do. Rehan’s phone rang. He says Shayari is fine now, I am taking her home. He covered the shayari with his jacket. He says I’m sorry.

Roshni Tabiji says, I have not seen Aman so happy, I cannot let him enjoy it, I will not give my son to Jinn. Tabizi says you have to complete the deal, you have to give it to the child. Roshni says I will not let his shadow fall on my child. It is impossible to say Tabiji. Roshni says I will fight for my baby, I will find a way to save him.

Shayari got up and threw Rehan’s jacket. She left. Rehan stops her and says I’m sorry. She begged him not to try to talk to her. She asks if you would send your sister or sister-in-law alone like this, no, right, why did you send me, because I am poor, I have no money, I wanted money for my brother’s operation, I wanted to sell my house, but I won I will get help from you No. “I didn’t know it would happen,” he says. She says you are responsible for it. She is hurt and she is crying. Roshni tells Tabiji to find out.

Tabizi says I’m trying. She checks the book. She says nothing has been written about the promise to Jin, we have not allowed Aman to take Jin, this time he will come to claim it. Roshni said you saved Aman too. Tabeezi says I could not save him from the shadow of the jinn, we broke the agreement and that is why we are all in danger, there is no way this time, if we break the promise, Aman’s life will be in danger.

Roshni says I will not lose my mother or wife, I will save my child. Rehan came home and remembered the words of the shayari. Someone shot him. Red appears in Rehan’s hand. He says I know you will come, come out. He sees his sister. She hugs him and says you’re busy, congratulations. He just says for Farhan’s benefit, he will come too.

The lights are on. She remembers that Tabiji did some magic. She gets a black thread and says it will help, if we can do this we can deceive the black gin, we can transfer our child to another’s womb, this is called surrogacy, we can do this by magic because we are mirrors, black Jean always keeps an eye on the mother, if he doesn’t know you’re pregnant, he can’t hold his baby. Roshni asks who will help hide the baby. The FB will end.

Tabiji asks if you can come back to the lights, I got a girl, tonight we want to do this, it’s a lunar eclipse, otherwise we can’t do it. She told the driver to take a U-turn. The police come and stop the car. Roshni thinks what is happening.

Shayari eats licks and grunts. The man asks why are you so angry? She complains about Rehan. She says I want Rehan’s sign on the exit form, Rehan won’t sign, he wants to treat me like a servant. The man says don’t tell me what paper he signs. She says you’re right, Rehan signs the papers every evening at, I have half an hour to get there, thank you for the idea.

Roshni comes home with the police. She looks at Aman. She asks are you alright He asks how are you The inspector says, indeed you two are fine, we will go.

Roshni asks why did you call the police? Aman says I was looking for you, you didn’t answer my call, then it’s busy in two hours, when you and my baby, you are my world, you let me know and wherever you go, I get annoyed when you are ready for Rehan’s investment. She wonders how I will reach Tabizi before the eclipse. He asks, “Are you alright? Come on.” She says yes.

Rehan and Natasha come for an engagement. She makes him wear a ring. Rehan feels uncomfortable. She says that this ring has destroyed your shield, even your dagger can no longer save you. She caged him in a jar. She smiled.

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