Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 18 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 18 August 2020, Natasha’s dream ends she says I will get Rehan and save the family from the shadow of the genie. Shayari comes to the house and loves decorating. She says what is happening here, maybe there is some family function, I had to come here to sign. He looks at the food counter. She thinks I don’t have time, I need to sign.

Tabizi says that Roshni, she is Sidra, she will be in your womb, she will return the child to you, this is the only way to save the child. Roshni says that I do not know how to pay your favors. Tabizi tells him to think again. Rehan turns. Shayari enters her room and puts the papers in the folder. He returns She hides. He remembers her and signs the papers without investigation. She looks

Aman says that I will go and see the light. Grandma said ok She attends the guests. Roshni says that everyone says that no one can break the relationship between the mother and the child, I am very unlucky to break this relationship, I will never give my child a black jinn, he will take care of his mother and father. Will live together, will want anything.

Shayari sees Rehan. She takes the papers and dances. His earring falls right there. She sees Rehan coming and hides. He sees the folder open. He looks at her earrings and says that Shayari… he sees his coat kept. His sister Mahira arrives and tells him about Natasha. He goes. Shayari escapes. A journalist asked Aman about the announcement. Aman tells him to wait.

Tabiji says that I will tie the ends of this thread to you and Sidra’s hand. Aman looks for Roshni. Tabiji tied the thread. She says that this thread should not be broken, it will be dangerous for you and the child. Roshni shook her head.

She says that when the thread turns red then we will start the second part. Aman opens a door. Light concern. Shayari says I have to leave before I see Rehan. Mahira looks at her and says what are you doing here, I know you Miss Earring. Shayari says probably fell down. they talk.

Shayari thinks what she is saying. Mahira takes him to get ready. Natasha says that I will be a bride, will anyone help me. Shayari says that she is calling you.

Aman asks what is happening, you are not ready. Roshni hides Sidra behind the door. She makes excuses. She says I will change and come. He says I will help. She says you are with Rehan, she is shy and she does not speak like me. He says okay, I will go, I will call Tabiji. She says I will call her, don’t worry. He goes. She closes the door. Tabiji says thank God I have tied the thread soon. Roshni asks what should I do now.

Aman says that we will start the function once Rehan arrives. Rehan arrives. Aman says that you look smart. Rehan says like you. Aman says little, Mahira will get Natasha. Mahira prepares Natasha. Natasha jokes on jewelry.

Rehan asks if this is going right. Aman says that it will work, Farhan will come, I do not know about your relationship. Rehan looks at Shayari and says that I think Shayari is here. He goes and thinks I thought he hasn’t seen my face, I can apologize to him. Shayari is made of paper. Rehan arrives. She hides. He turns to look at her.

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