Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 19 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 19 August 2020, Aman is asking where is Shayari. Rehan says I thought I saw him. Aman asks him to listen to his heart. Rehan tells him not to joke. Aman asks do you like Natasha Mahira says I am not like her.

Rehan says that you know that I am doing this engagement to bring Farhan back, so there was no discussion. He goes. Mahira says that she is as stubborn as you. Aman says but less beautiful. She laughs. Shayari goes to get the paper. It flies away. Aman thanked everyone. He says that Rehan is getting engaged to a beautiful girl today, she is waiting.

Shayari looks at Natasha and hides. Aman says that the second big announcement is that I really need my wife to make that announcement. He sees Roshni and asks her to come. Natasha asks what are you doing here? Shayari says I came for office work. Natasha asks what is this, show me.

Shayari says I cannot show it Natasha says I will call Rehan here. He falls down. The bottle falls and opens. Natasha gets inside the magical bottle. Shayari says do not call her. She looks for Natasha. She says that she has gone to complain about me. Natasha calls him out. Shayari escapes.

Aman says that he does not know why he is so shy today. He goes to pick up the light. Roshni thinks it would be a problem if the thread broke. The shayari stops and I think I can feel Natasha’s voice how Natasha can be here. Natasha Dumbo says, look here, here I am.

Shayari says I will run away. Someone catches him. Shayari says that I did nothing. She calls grandmother and turns. She says that I was not thinking of running away. Grandma asks him to help Sarah and Syma in the kitchen. She says first get ready, change. Shayari says ok She dances. Grandma goes. Shayari says I should run before I see Rehan.

Roshni hides Siddha behind the pillar. Aman asks him to come. Tabzi covered Roshni’s hand. Aman sees them. Tabizi introduces Sidra. Aman congratulated him and asked to come. He says, Roshni, I want to share my happiness with the world, I want you with me when I announce this.

Roshni thinks that I am going to hide the child in Sidra’s womb, Aman is going to announce, Kala ji will also know. He asks why are you crying. She says its happy tears. He asks them to come. Aman declares he says that a new member is coming in our family, he is… says Roshni Mahira. She is Rehan’s sister, Mahira, she is the new member, she is going to be with us.

Aman asks why didn’t you tell about the child? Light concern. Shayari comes to the kitchen. Sara and Cyma ask him to help Fupi in packing the gifts. They go. Shayari says what is happening here, why I will work Phupi says that she left, you help me. Shayari thinks to ask him.

She tries to ask about the function. Fupi does not understand. She dances with Shayari. Shayari asks why are we dancing. Phupi goes away. Shayari asks what is happening here, I have to go, they did not let me go. Natasha says that I have to come out of this bottle. Aman sees Roshni. He says that Tabizi, I need to talk to Roshni personally.

Tabiji is right. He closes the door. Roshni is standing near the door. Aman asks why they are following us. Roshni says that Tabizi is taking care of me. He asks why didn’t you announce to me that we are becoming parents, it is our great pleasure.

Roshni says that I have heard that the news of pregnancy should not be told soon. He says that not so soon, I am excited, why can’t I see the excitement in you, what are you hiding from me, is it related to black jinn, you saved my life and gave my powers. She cries. He asks have you made any other deal? He cries and asks why are you crying, I’m tired, tell me clearly.

Tabiji says as I stop him. He opens the door and asks why. Tabiji says that this is not an ordinary child, the first child of Jinnat Raja and Ayana, he can catch the evil eye, we should hide it from the world until the child is born. The black genie is seen outside.

Natira comes to call Mahira. Natasha tells him to stop. Mahira says that Natasha is nowhere. Rehan thinks. Natasha says that if I fall down from the floor, this bottle will break, I will be free. Aman asks Rehan where Natasha is. Rehan says don’t know.

Aman says that girls take time to get ready. Looks at the sweets of poetry. She eats laddus and puts some in purses. Grandma and everyone search for Natasha. Ask the reporters whether we will wait or leave, will there be engagement today. Aman thinks what is happening, Roshni stops me from announcing and now Natasha is missing.

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