Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020, Aman tells the family, Roshni is trying to give us a hint about her placement.

Rubina recognizes the place and says that there is no relation between this place and snow, so what is she saying? Aman decides that the light should be transferred to the ice, not the cave, and that is why he is not able to come here.

Rubina says that if yes, Kala Jinn should know about their location.

Aman says that we do not have time and used another magic door which is not so good, but Aman takes the opportunity while Kala Jinn is trying to get the child out.

Aman attacks the genie at the last moment with his magic sword and saves his child. He finally realizes that he can see his child and touch her and finally feel her.

Aman gets emotional upon seeing his child but completely forgets about Roshni. Aman looks around and sees a woman standing as a snow idol and Aman recognizes her as his wife Roshni.

He comes in front of it and requests Roshni to come back as she cannot get away from him in this way. He says that I am angry with you, but my anger, my anger and my disappointment is due to the fact that I love you very much and you know this.

If you are angry with me then it is your right but it does not mean that you will punish me in this way. I am trying my best and will keep trying to keep you and our child safe.

He tells her to come back for the sake of her child because she definitely needs him a lot at the moment. Roshni does not listen to his complaint and Aman is going back from there.

Suddenly he notices that a frenzy of snow is happening and Roshni senses him in front of him and she becomes eager to see him like this.

Roshni comes forward and touches Aman’s face and adopts the child. The three reunited and wept. Aman comes back home with Roshni and the family members are happy, while some unknown woman with the same umbrella of Shayari goes to meet Kala Jinn and she asks if you are ready to seal the deal?

In Khan Manzil, Rubina says that I cannot understand why if the deal about Aman is over, why is he after Aman and Roshni’s child? Shayari says that I have an important knowledge in this regard, but Rehan interrupts her.

Aman asks Shayari what she says, while she says that we can’t decode the other things they have to deal with, but if we can travel at least a day before that then we can see their next Can think about steps.

She says that through the time table we can go to the future. Rubina tells Aman that it is possible but there is a lot of risk. Aman and Roshni say that we are ready to face any problem for the sake of our child.

Shayari brings him to the tunnel which will help him to travel at least one day before the present time.

Shayari says that you will have only 15 minutes to cross the tunnel and reach the next day but do not delay otherwise you will be stuck forever.

Roshni says that if I and Aman are together we can face anything and they sneak into the tunnel and Shayari switches to the stopwatch while Kala Jean reaches outside her house.

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