Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 21 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 21 August 2020, Sidra was thinking that my phone is kept there, perhaps Kala ji is aware of the child. She goes out of the circle and takes the phone. Tabizi swiftly tells him to go back inside the circle. Sidra’s eyes change color.

Tabiji asks is the light okay? Roshni shook her head. Rehan says that if you accept the engagement, I will forgive your loan, I will pay more. Shayari says that you are not so rich to buy me. He says you are misunderstanding me, I cannot tell you the reason for the engagement, it is small for me.

She asks if you thought of me, your GF ran away, so you joined me, you want to continue the drama so that people don’t laugh at me, the relationship doesn’t have a price tag. She cries. He says I don’t want to argue, you will be here, that’s it. She asks if I don’t live then.

He says I do not want to force you, but I will do it, if you think you can go then try. She takes out the ring and gives it to him. He calls the guards and asks them not to open the gate for poetry. Aman stops Shayari and says that you are leaving. She says yes.

He says that I know that you are upset, you have the right, I request you to hide from the world the connected truth. She says I know she got engaged, she chose me because I am poor and helpless, rich people know how to use the poor well.

Aman says that you are not helpless, we are helpless, Rehan had no choice but this engagement. She asks why didn’t he wait for Natasha? He says I can not tell you, he did not do it intentionally, we did not know that you are here, everyone felt that you are his fiancée, Rehan did not deny it, he could be responsible for many things. , But not this engagement, it was just a coincidence. She says that even if I believe it, I cannot define my life by it, I have no reason to keep this relationship, I can never tell her. He says Rehan is my brother.

She says I’m sorry. He says, okay, don’t help him, help me, your anger is justified, our family is in problem, Rehan’s engagement is the solution, just you can get us out of it, you are the light and my responsibility, Roshni is mine wife, give me time, I will fix everything, then you decide if you want to keep or break the engagement, I will not stop you. He goes.

Tabizi process. Roshni cried after thinking about Aman. The baby is being transferred to Sidra’s womb. The lighters cry and stop the transfer by breaking the thread. The child goes back to Roshni’s womb.

Tabiji asks what you did, Roshni. Rehan looks at Shayari in the lawn and says that you are still here, what happened now, you cannot reach the gate, I know you are not here for me. She asks how long do I need to be as your fiance. He finally says, you are ready for a week or more, by then this ring should be in your finger, you will be paid every day.

Roshni cries and apologizes, Tabiji, I can’t do that. Tabizi asks him not to give up. She says that I will find some other way to defeat Kala Jinn. He heard Sidra laughing. He asks Roshni how Tabiji will beat me, what is mine, I will take it. Sidra flies into the air. Roshni and amulets get shocked.

Aman says that my singing is bad, I have decided to learn to sing for my child, Sara and Cyma used to fall asleep listening to my song, we will love the child very dearly. He sings Sidra / Kala goes to Jinn to attack Aman. Roshni stops her and throws her. Aman looked back. He does not see anyone.

Kala Jinn says that you are no more than an ant for me. Roshni says that our fight, do not bring Aman in the middle. He says that the deal is for Aman’s life, you promised to give your first child, you broke it, now I will take Aman’s soul.

Roshni gets shocked. He says tell me, will you keep the promise or not, what do you want, child or husband. Aman comes towards Roshni. Roshni expresses concern and says that I will fulfill my promise. Kala Jinn says that remember your promise. He goes. Sidra fainted. Roshni and Tabizhi ask her to get up.

Aman comes and says what happened to him. Tabiji says we don’t know, we just came and saw him unconscious. Aman sees the hand of Kaal Jin. He says that it means that the jinn came here but why. Thinking about Rehan, Shayari Rehan gets a call from her mother. Her mother says congratulations for your engagement with Natasha.

Rehan says no, he left. She says that Farhan left you and now Natasha. He says that Farhan left you, not me, I will take him back. He angrily collides with a pillar and cries. Shayari thinks where Mahira went. She sees a man threatening Mahira. Mahira sees shayari.

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