Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 22 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 22 August 2020, Aman said that the black genie did not come to take Sidra, he has come to take me, you or our child. Light concern. He says that you said you got a baby kick today, maybe the genie came to know. Roshni cries.

He says that he did not take our child, do not worry, I will handle everything, take care of our child. She asks what will you do. He goes. Shayari hugs Mahira and says that I will call Aman. Mahira says don’t tell her, I had taken a loan of nine lakhs, I could not repay her, I took it for Farhan.
Shayari says that he will repay it. Mahira says that she has been missing for several months, almost a year, Farhan leaves and does not contact, Rehan is trying to find her, she makes the engagement so that Farhan will listen to this news and come back . Shayari says don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone.
Aman goes to a dark room and opens a box. They say that Mummy taught me to apply black genie in a lamp. He repairs the lamp. Roshni looks for him. She says that Tabiji, I cannot find peace anywhere. She opens the door and says that I have found peace. Rehan watches the news of her engagement. He says that Farhan should take this news back. Shayari comes to him. His phone rings. He says stop it.
She says that I want to tell something, I came to know yesterday and realized, you did not tell me, what will I talk about. Rehan asks her to think what she wants to say. She sees Mahira in trouble. She goes.
Rehan says strange girl. Aman reads books. He reads… the black genie cannot get trapped in the lamp, but he will find a way to come out, a place where the lamp should be buried, the place where the black genie was defeated, just before Ayana Y’know, … because he defeated her, first Ayana left the world 2000 years ago, just so Ayana can call her back. He asks who will call his soul. Roshni says I will. The man says that they will give us money. Grandma and Fupi look. Shayari says I have called the gardeners. She asks the men to come with her.
Aman asks why have you come here? She says that I will call Ayana first. He says no, you will stay away from this fight. She says I will be with you. He says that you do not have your powers. She says that Ayana is from feelings, not powers, I have lost my powers, yet I am Ayana, I will do my duty. He hugs her. He says that my father promised to give me black genie and made a big mistake in his life, we are still facing punishment, I just want to end it, I do not want the shadow of black genie on our child. Lying, I can cage or kill the genie. They hugged.
Shayari defends Mahira The men say we will take the money immediately. Shayari asks how we will get nine months so soon, I cannot do any magic. The man asks her to give him the ring.
She says this is my engagement ring, if I give it, everyone will notice. He says return the money and take the ring after ten days. She remembers Rehan’s words. He gives the ring. Men leave. Mahira asks how will you hide it now.
Light makes plants bud. It becomes a blossoming tree. She first asks Ayana for help. She asks Aman to take Ayana’s book. He goes. She says that I told Aman that I had lost my powers, I hid from Aman and used the powers to get Ayana. He gets his clip. Aman brings the book.
Roshni reads it. She calls Ayana again. The paper of the book flies away. Ayana appears in the tree. They greet Ayana. Aman smiles. Ayana asks where did you defeat Kaal Jinn, I have to imprison him in a lamp to save myself and my husband, where will we keep the lamp. Ayana says the illusion well. Roshni thanks her.
Sara asks where is Shayari, a small function. Rehan states that this linkage is not real. Sara says that we called journalists at the function, Aman said that the news should come so that Farhan gets to know about it, its romantic ritual, you will wear shayari to bangle.
Roshni asks how can you go alone. Aman says that I cannot take you to this state. She says it’s not just your fight. He says, yes, I contacted Ayana before you. She says I will be with you. He asks why are you stubborn? She says this is what I learned from you. He says you don’t have powers, I didn’t put you at risk. She says that I have the greatest strength in the world, your love, her greatest magic, I will protect you. She keeps her child and even says that I will protect you. He feels Baby kicking. He says that both of you are stubborn and want to come with me. She laughs.
Shayari says I will find something in my bag that can help hide that ring. He gets an auntie’s call. Aunty asked about her engagement. Aman and Roshni stop. Aman says that Kala Jinn is around, he will follow us and understand our plan. She asks what shall we do now, magical door.
He says that I have a way. He performs magic. they disappear. Shayari says it happened with my wish. Aunty asks what is in your heart for her. Rehan looks up. Shayari remembers Rehan and says yes, he is rude, but takes care of everyone, he misbehaves, but he is caring too, I think he misbehaves to hide his pain. is. She looks at Rehan. She says I will talk later. She disconnects the call. Rehan approaches him.
He says I’m not that bad for you. She says what else shall I say, shall I tell the truth to aunt and break her heart, the truth is that you are rude and arrogant. He says but I do this to hide my pain. She says you can do it, but you can’t shout at people, make paintings, sing songs, I’ll tell you, listening to someone’s conversation feels bad. He says that I came to call you for the ceremony. She asks which function. He says that I do not want to tell you. He goes.

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