Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 26 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 26 August 2020, Aman remembered Roshni’s words and gave vent to anger. Roshni sees him. Shayari comes to her senses. She turns to Rehan.

He asks why you did not say that you are my fiance. She says that I cannot lie to the police. He says that you think you will become a criminal if you lie, I got late because of you, I got a chance to find him today. She asks your brother.

Tabiji says I will talk to Aman, you did it because you were helpless. Dadi says that once she understands that she is wrong she will not be angry.

Roshni says that I am wrong, I should leave, I have hurt her a lot, I can live with her and remind her of the wounds, I have to leave. Not everyone asks him to leave. Roshni goes with Salma. Aman looks like. She cries.

Rehan says that you know about my brother, then you will know how wrong it is to find him. Shayari says that I did not know … He says that I helped your brother, if he does not get treatment, what were you doing in my car.

Shayari says I want to get away from you, you have taken me captive. He says that you are free from my side. He sits in the car. Shayari looks Natasha feels Rehan should have been in this bottle here.

She blows the whistle and calls Hamal. She asks Hemlal and says to hypnotize someone and bring them here. She says that I will finish Rehan now.

Roshni listens to the recording of Aman and cries for the child to hear her message. Bhula Diya… .play…. Aman gets son’s sonography picture and hug. He cries.

Some men watch Shayari and tease her. She slaps one of them. He is shocked to see them with knives. She thinks he won’t back down.

Rehan stops the car and his eyes turn blue when he attacks. Roshni says now I have another life with me. She slips. Aman comes and grabs it. She hugs him.

Shayari fights men. Rehan comes there and curses them. Shayari gets dizzy. Rehan protects her and is hit by glass bottles. Shayari is surprised to see Rehan’s blue eyes. The men see him and run away. Shayari gets scared and runs away. Hamal is at home.

Dadi says pray that everything goes well, Aman will understand soon. Aman asks Roshni to come home with him. Roshni asks if you forgive her. He says that you should take your punishment, when it comes to the safety of the child, I cannot trust you. She says I will not go anywhere, this house is perfect.

Hamal reported to Mahira. Natasha says that you are under my control now, you are Rehan’s sister, but you will help me in killing Rehan. Mahira goes to Rehan and kills her with an arrow.

Rehan falls down. She goes to Mahira. Shayari goes on Natasha asks Mahira to kill Shayari too. Mahira shot. Shayari also surprises Rehan after she shoots another arrow.

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