Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 28 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 28 August 2020, Rehan said sorry, I did not get the ring. Aman remembers Tabiji’s words. Tabiji heard some voice. She goes and sees a broken egg. S

he says that this means that a little illusion is born, which means that the delivery of lights will be done today. She sees the dark clouds and says that it means that the jinn knows this, I have to tell Aman and Roshni this.

Aman asks if Shayari sold the ring, no she can’t do it. Rehan says that she accepts it, sorry, I shouldn’t have trusted that girl. Mahira feels sad.

Tabiji says, Aman, we don’t know if the baby will be born tonight. Aman smiles. He goes to Roshni and performs magic to save her from the fire. Their magic does not work.

Tabeezi says that only sifriti diamond can save her. Mahira gets the ring. Rehan asks how you got it. Mahira says I’ll tell you later. Tabiji says that you have to light to wear the ring.

Grandma asks how will you cross the fire. Aman says I don’t care. Roshni says no, don’t risk your life. Aman entered the fire ring. She rings Roshni. The fire disappears. Roshni fainted. Aman keeps her.

Rehan asks how you got this ring. Mahira says that Shayari did not sell it, she gave it to the people from whom I had taken a loan, it was not her fault.

Rehan says that I punished him. Aman says that you misunderstood him. Roshni says that no mistake can be so great that it cannot be forgiven.

Dadi goes to Rehan and asks Shayari to apologize. Tabiji says the lights are fine. Aman says you said that the baby will be born tonight. Tabizi closes the window. She plays music. She says that I do not want Kala ji to hear us, a little juggler is born, that means the delivery of lights is today.

Roshni says this means fort jinn … Tabiji talks softly, I have a way of keeping the child away from him, we will trick him, you will deliver the child safely, we will send the light to the clouds , His shadow will be here, the light and his child will be safe in the clouds, are you ready, will you be alone there. Roshni says no, my lord will be with us.

Tabizi says that we will create and send a security web to hide it. She asks Roshni is she scared. Roshni says no, I just hope to see my child, that everything will be alright.

Aman takes Tabiji with him. She asks what happened. He says that you think we are doing it right, the light will be alone. Tabizi says that she has to do this, no one will harm her. Those gin look at.

Tabizi says that Roshni is strong, we are doing this to save the child, give her courage. Everyone locks doors and windows. Tabiji says I will first make a web, then Aman will send the light with its magic. Aman gave a thread in Roshni’s hand. Tabizi creates the web.

Aman works magic. A window opens. Tabiji asks Aman to hurry, Kala ji comes to know about it. Rehaan also performs magic and helps Aman. Tabizi tells him to try to take the lights up. Tbizi says that I had some rustics, now no one can save the web from breaking.

Dadi says Roshni is fine. Tabizi asks how Zangmara came. Shayari comes. Tabizi says Shayari… she tells them to hurry up. Doors and windows open. The shield breaks. Roshni comes to her senses. Pieces of glass fell on him. Aman with his magic stops the glass in the air. Tabiji says thank God.

Aman adopts Roshni. He asks what it was all about. Tabizi says that the power of Kala Jin, we cannot do anything, we lost the opportunity to send the child to the clouds. R

oshni cries. Aman sees Kaila Jinn and says that I did not leave you. He performs magic. Roshni says stop. He says it happened because of you. She says we will find a way out. He says that there is a way, I will kill Kaal Jinn.

She asks how. He says that now he will face a father, I can lay down my life for the safety of the child. She says I’m with you. He says that you did a lot, I don’t want your support, you made the same mistake as my father, the punishment will be the same, hate, I hate my father, you and myself. She asks why.

He says that you broke my heart, I hate myself for giving you this chance, that I loved you. She cries.

Shayari says that I cannot help Roshni. Rehan asks where are you going, why did you come? She asks Roshni to help. He says that I have come to know the truth, you are a genie hunter, not a sweet innocent girl.

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