Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 29 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 29 August 2020, Roshni cries seeing her child and sees a tree. She thinks if I have made a big mistake, then there can be no solution.

She asks God to show her some way when she notices that Ayana tree is coming and from there Ayana comes out and congratulates Roshni.

Rehan stops Shayari and says that you are a genie hunter and Shayari tells him that you are thinking wrongly

. Rehan says that when I went to Rubina’s house, I found something there that gave me a clear indication that you are a hunter.

Shayari tries to tell him that the way you are thinking about the whole situation is not like that. She says that it is your brother who tried to molest me and that is why I left my city and came here but can never be free from ghostly memories.

Mahira comes there and speaks in favor of Shayari and says that Natasha is a genie hunter and she is the one who hypnotizes him and makes his attack on Rehan and Shayari.

They bring her to the place where Natasha’s bottle is kept open and Rehan gets to know everything from Mahira and Shayari says that I am not a shameless person to live in the house from where I was already thrown had gone.

The aged Ayana gives Roshni an idea that you have to give birth to your child in the Ayana corner of the black forest.

She says that you have to go there hiding from the black genie and till then I will stay in your house at your place. Roshni says that I have to inform my people about this.

Aman thinks in his room that he is ready to fight the black genie and calls for his sword which he got to be the king of Zeenat.

Roshni told everyone about her plan and told them about it only before hand but Aman ignored this message.

Roshni tries to go out of the house but Aman stops her when another Aiyana comes in front of her in disguise of Roshni.

He realizes that something is going on and then he listens to the whole plan and Rubian says that if we don’t make a mistake, we can save the child from jinn.j.

The housewife gets together to bend Jean’s mind, while Aman tries to move out of the house, but Jean is freed from Shayari’s trap and tells Roshni to go home as it is for her.

There is no scope to save. He says that at 12 you will give birth to my child and I will come to get it.

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