Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 3 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 3 August 2020,Aman is telling himself that Roshni is losing the power of a less romantic post. Rehan is telling himself that he failed to find Farhan again. Aman and Rehan realize that they are both distracted. Aman tries to speak but stops and then Rehan asks Aman about it. Someone is spying on Junaid Bhavan on the other side.

Anjum stopped Aman and Rehan before they could be caught by the spy camera. Roshni goes to meet Farhan and Rubina but she meets Shayari there. Shayari makes poetry in all her speech and the light makes her feel cute.

The light accidentally smashed a vase and cut off her paint. Roshni indirectly discussed her problems with Shayari. Shayari gives some kind of instructions to keep her away from her husband. When Roshni has a strange kind of hollow feeling, Shayari bandages her feet and talks about children. Aman talks to Rubina about the absence of lights. Rubina told him that the abortion must have made her feel empty inside, even though she had no idea about it. There used to be such a mother.

Roshni came home and started eating all together and when Aman came back home and saw her food, Aman remembered Rubina’s words. He joins her in that too and he is also joking with her and Roshni thinks about how to keep Aman away now.

Rehan fell out of the house and met Shayari on the way. She lies and demands his lift but Rehan is listening to her and she feels weird. She said she was present for an interview in front of Rehan at his company. She was discussing his look with her friend and Rehan is watching everything but keeping silence. Aman calls Rubina to tell her about Roshni’s changed behavior and most of the time she was asleep.

Rubina said she needs a lot of rest after her miscarriage and she needs to be weak so I will give you some vitamins. Rubina also advised Aman to go out to the lights. Roshni only gets to hear the conversation halfway through and Aman guesses that she is crazy and she thinks she is handcuffed in a blind room and has to plead with everyone that she is not mentally ill. She now wonders what to do with Aman.

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