Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 31 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 31 August 2020, AmanSeeing peace time. Roshni is in labor. Everyone takes care of him. She saves the baby girl. The family smiles. Aman cries and Kala appears to Jin.

Roshni gets her child. Everyone stops Aman. Kaal Jinn laughed. He tells Roshni to give her baby and keep his promise. Aman asks how you can do this.

Tabizi says that we have to give the child. Roshni says no, Tabiji, I am not giving my baby. Tabizi asks her to understand.

She takes the child from the light. Aman asks Daadi to stop Tabiji. she shouts. Everyone held her back. Tabizi gave the child to the black genie. Aman and Roshni, and family members cry.

Tabiji says wait, you cannot take clothes off the child, the child of her Ayana and Zeenat, the rays of the sun must first fall on him, otherwise he will lose his powers, I don’t think you would like that.

Roshni says stop, you are missing something, I fulfilled my promise, now it’s your turn. Kala Jinn says okay, I will keep my promise. He breaks the lantern and says that the deal is now over.

Now he has no authority over the soul of Aman. He disappears. Everyone cries. Aman says leave me, he goes. Everyone smiles. Dadi says thank God, everything went well.

Tabizi says that we all fooled him. Aman remembers his plan to take Ayana out. He says that we have to show the black jinn that he has thwarted our plan, he will stop us, you have to send the rosaries through the magical door into the forest of Ayana. Tabzi gives Razni a magical door.

Roshni sees Aman and walks away. Tabizi thanks Ayana for the help. Ayana says that we have to make a fake baby to give to the black jinn.

Aman gets a baby toy from her magic. FB ends. Rehan says that our plan worked. Aman said to Roshni…. Grandma says that you are worried for her. Tabizi says she is safe there, yet the child will be delivered.

Roshni sees her child and weeps with joy. Grandmother says congratulations, your child has come into this world. Aman says what will happen if Kala Jinn knows about our deception.

Ayana says that she freed you from the deal. Tabiji says that he does not know that the child is fake, by then the lights will reach here safely. The black genie sees the toy child. He says that you have betrayed me Ayana, my storm will destroy you, no matter where you are.

Seeing the storm, Roshni gets shocked. She tells the child not to worry, she will use her powers. Roshni and the child are trapped in the storm.

Aiyana senses and she says Aman, Roshni is in danger. She also freezes and disappears. Aman feels that Roshni is in danger. The light fades and reaches Kaila Jin’s cave.

Aman, Rehan and Shayari arrive in the Kala Jungle and investigate Aiyana’s corner. Aman says that Roshni is inside that cave. Rehan says don’t worry, we’ll get it. They fail to enter.

Rehan asks what it was. Aman says that no genie can go there. Shayari says I can go, I am not a genie. Rehan says, there is no need, we will find a way out. Aman says no, there is no way. He tells Shayari to leave.

Shayari goes and calls Roshni. Rehan says he doesn’t know what he is doing, I should have let him out of the house. Aman goes. Shayari says that the light is not in.

Rehan says that you may have hidden it, I do not trust you. They look for peace. Aman shattered the magical door. He worries. He shouts Roshni. A black genie appears in front of him. Rehan and Shayari arrive.

Kala Jinn says that your light will never come back, he got punishment for cheating, you will never open the mouth of your wife and child. Aman cries. He angrily summons his sword. He rushes to stab Kaal Jinn.

The Kala genie disappears. Aman falls down. Rehan performs magic and saves him. Aman was shattered. He remembers Roshni. Rehan brings her home

. Dadi looks after Aman. Rehan says that Aman got sleep due to the juice given by Tabiji. Dadi asks where Roshni and the baby girl are. Rehan says that we do not know, we did not take them, Kala ji told Aman, we should give up hope of his return. Dadi is shocked.

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