Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 31 July 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 31 July 2020, Aman said I misunderstood the light many times and yet she saved me. Roshni says you saved me by nine moons. He says I have nine chances to save me, you only had one chance, how did you do it. Roshni remembers Jean Deal. Aman asks her to say something. She looks at Rehan.

Aman asks are you all right? Roshni says yes. Asks what happened, please tell me. Roshni says whenever the heart-to-heart connection is stubborn any magic has to be cast, all the jeans you lose, Rehan was with me. Aman grabbed Rehan. He says, “I miss you, brother. We’ve been meeting for days.” He says he always hides his feelings, he is emotional.

Rehan asks him not to mess up his hair. “I feel bad for being away from all these years,” he says. Aman says he didn’t come to my call, but came to Roshni’s call. He says you helped the light to defeat the black ladder. Tabiji asks Roshni who asked you something? Aman asks what do you mean.

Tabizi says Jinn makes the deal, nothing, if he had returned his soul he would have asked her something. Aman asked Rehan what he asked. Rehan says he made no deal with me. Aman asked Roshni if ​​she had made a deal. The light tells my strength, I’m no longer a mirror, I’m just a normal girl. She cries Aman says you made a big sacrifice, you are a special girl, your prayers will always save me. Fuppy jokes that now that we have two genies in our house, there will be no danger. Everyone is smiling. Salma says we didn’t tell Roshni about her abortion, she was a mirror, she didn’t feel pain, now she will feel pain. Rehan listens to them.

If we don’t tell her, Grandma says. Sarah says we can’t change this, we can hide it. Saima said there was no point in telling them now. Rehan says I think I have made a big mistake to stay away, if they are in any danger I will protect them, I promise. Grandma smiles and thanks him.

Roshni sees Jean’s mark on her hand. Roshni says that’s why I think I’ve already lost something. Aman comes there. She tries to hide the mark. Aman remembers her abortion. He comes up to her and doubles her up. He asks how are you She says yes, if you are with me I will fix it, I care about you, how are you, do you have any problems? He says to keep the pain away from you, I find it hard to live without you, I want to make a fresh start with you, luck gave me a beautiful girl, I want your qualification. She smiled. He says there will be no distance between us or lying, whatever you tell me will be true. He does magic and brings birds and clouds into the room. She smiled.

The clouds part and everything gets dark. Aman cares. He looks at Rehan. Rehan says sorry, I thought it was my room. Roshni says this is the third room. Rehan says sorry, continue, I’m so bored, I think I don’t have to fight with any gin for a cup of black tea. Aman says I make.

Rehan asks him not to spoil the hair. Aman goes. Roshni smiled. Rehan asks, “Did you tell Aman?” Aman looks at the baby’s room. He is sitting sadly. Grandmothers come. Aman says I was thinking of making this room a kids nursery. Grandma says then make it happen, accidents will happen in life, you have to move on, you have to fill Roshni’s life with joy, Roshni will be the best mother, I will be young when I run after my children. He smiled. Rehan says we should tell Aman. Roshni says I don’t want to give him tension.

Rehan says Aman has a right to know. Roshni says I will tell you at the right time, promise me, you will not tell him anything. Rehan nodded. Aman says you promised to keep quiet, if I don’t make a good black tea he won’t tell me anything. He offers tea and asks if you have thought for your room, some color, or just gray and black, leave room designing on the lights. Rehan says I can blindly trust both of you. Roshni says we met recently.

Aman says, one can blindly trust you. Aman tells about Mahira and Farhan. Roshni says I never met them. Rehan said Mahira is studying in Delhi. Aman asks where is Farhan? Rehan says I don’t know, no one knows about him, he’s lost. Roshni says we are all eating here, we should find him. Rehan says he had done it before, my father had left us since childhood, my mother is holding me responsible for it.

Aman says Rehan is a jinn. Rehan also tells Farhan, Baba could not bear this truth and he left the house. Aman says, childhood goes away when Baba leaves. Rehan says mom got irritated, Mahira and I did usted digest, Farhan couldn’t adjust, he left the house a year ago, he didn’t speak for 4 months, we promised each other we wouldn’t lose another relationship, he didn’t let Mahira on her birthday Not to mention, I was afraid of losing another relationship. Aman asks why you didn’t tell me. Rehan calls you our family

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