Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 4 August 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 4 August 2020, Rehan and Shayari are in the car with each other. Shayari starts talking nonsense again and Rehan is looking at her angrily but Shayari spills coffee on the way to find the charger and Rehan gets angry.

Jean’s inspector Rehan is scanning and trying to find out about him. Shayari tells Rehan to let go for the interview. Rehan is walking towards her angrily and she goes inside the car and locks it from outside.

Aman gets some multi-vitamin capsules for light. Roshni thinks he thinks she’s crazy and that’s why he’s trying to give her drugs. She kept giving excuses to avoid taking pills. Shayari on the other hand makes another mistake.

Rehan is telling her to open the car door and some police think he is harassing her. She told them the car belonged to her and he was so scared of her that she could soon arrive for an interview. She starts the car and hits the camera of the undercover detective and she falls on the road.

Roshni is reading books in the library. When Aman comes there, she is surprised to see this and says that she loves reading so she is thinking of gaining some knowledge by studying books today.

Aman says I have never seen you reading books. She says she gained knowledge when Aman gave her a bottle of vitamin but she fell to the ground. Aman understands that he does this on purpose and he gives her another bottle of vitamin and Roshni says I will take it with water.

Shayari is sitting for the interview and almost everyone is noticed crying inside. After communicating with the light from the call, she goes inside for your turn. She was shocked to see the man she met on the street sitting on the boss’s chair. She told him to get up from the boss’s chair but Rehan introduced her to her and she was stunned and he tried to hide the whole situation. But, pouring coffee on it, she messed up again and he threw her out of his cabin. Roshni exchanges vitamin pills with mint pills and pretends to eat vitamins in front of Aman.

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