Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020, Roshni tells Aman about Chunmun Tai. She says she is everything that is not normal.

On the other hand, Shayari is trying to free Kaya’s brother but Rehan is stopping her. She says that we have to take this risk for the sake of peace and light, but Rehan is not convinced.

The two were arguing with each other when Rehan beats her and the bottle falls to the ground and Shayari opens the bottle using her magic powers.

That black jean is finally out of the box and Shayari now tells him that we have helped you by liberating, so now it is your turn to help us.

He is telling them about it and trying to help them when he is killed from behind by Natasha who is now in the team of Kala Jean and is more powerful.

Sara is trying to prepare for her exam but her hands are itching too much. She is trying for Anjum, but before that she clings to the wall using a spider web.

Roshni Aman and the entire family prepare Zung-e-Marmar balls to attack the spider woman together. On the other hand Natasha is trying to attack Shayari and Rehan as she wants to kill Rehan.

Shayari brings a plan to capture Natasha in her bottle.

Aman is informing Chunmun when she gets a call from Salma who is in the other direction of the house when they reach there, she sees Chunmun standing in the middle of a huge web and says that in the end all of you Turns out that I’m a spider jinn only but you all can’t do anything for me.

Rehan was unable to imprison Natasha in her trap and before she vanished. Sarah is trying to ask for help, but she was completely covered with the web that she couldn’t even open her mouth.

Rubina tries to figure out any way to get rid of the spider’s genie but Chunmun snatches Ilm-e-jin’s book from her so that she doesn’t get any extra help.

Aman decodes spiders do not tolerate heavy light but Chunmun runs light with a very easy way. In the end Aman decides that he is blind and cannot see anything but it is not his weakness, in fact, he is a lot more sharper than any other person.

Anjum informs them about Sara’s disappearance and she goes to ask about Chunmun, but she says if possible see me for myself instead of asking.

Roshni learns that her mother Salma is also trapped in a spider web and vows to teach a lesson to that spider’s child.

Chunmun asks Roshni to control her anger otherwise it will lead her to more problems.

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