Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 7 August 2020 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip , Future Story, Latest News and Upcoming Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Today Episode 7 August 2020, Roshni is doing a pregnancy test and waiting for the result. The smoke reached Aman and Rehan. Aman will tell Rehan to take care. The moon’s smoke splits and follows. The light checks for positive results. She is happy and laughs. She says I am pregnant, my baby is fine, Aman has saved the baby. She runs to tell Aman. Roshni comes to Aman and says everything is fine.

Aman asks her to tell him this. The smoke catches him and holds him against the wall. She is shocked. Rehan turns. He is also caught in the smoke. Aman tells Roshni to do something, use her power. The light tries.

Aman says you have no right, do something different. Roshni thinks that if I use my powers I lose faith in Aman, what should I do. She cries Rehan tries to do magic. He threw the stick. Roshni says what should I do. Aman says call Tabiji. Roshni says yes. She runs and calls Tabiji. She yells at everyone.

Tabiji came and was shocked to see Aman. She tells Roshni to pour water on Aman. Roshni gets water and throws it at him. The smoke disappears. Aman falls down. The light hugs him.

Shayari came home and was shocked to see the magnificent house. She enters. She goes to see Rehan. She looks at the library. She wonders where Rehan is. She slipped into the pool. Water falls on Rehan. The smoke disappears. He falls down. Aman says I’m fine. Roshni thinks his life is in danger, I was just worried about hiding my lies. He says I’m fine, don’t cry. They hugged.

Tabiji asks where the rabies is, he is also in danger. Rehan opens his eyes and gets up. He goes Shayari came out of the pond. She turns and sees him taking his turn. Tere mast… .. plays… he looks at her and asks what we saw. She says it all. He asks why we didn’t do something. She says I’m not the kind of girl. He asked her to tell him what he had asked. She says I didn’t ask your permission, I saw you doing that. He told her to get out of the pool.

She said help me, no, okay, I’ll come. We ask why we came here. She does poetry. She says you were changing here and asking me what you wanted. He asks have you just seen this? Shayari says a lot for a decent cute girl like me. The lights come on and Rehan says She looks at the shayari and asks her how she got wet, go and how she changed. She asked Rehan if he was OK, was he attacked? Rehan asked who carried out the attack. She says we have to go to Tabiji.

Tabizi says the jinn attacked the hunter, they targeted Jinnat, they are like humans but have power, he did not try to kill you but tried to identify you, the smoke left a mark on Jinn’s body. Aman and Rehan find themselves. Aman saw the mark on Rehan’s neck. Rehan says thank God you didn’t get the sign. Tabizi says that the power of light saved us again.

Aman says that Roshni is not Ayana, she has no power. Roshni says yes, I am no longer a mirror. Tabizi says this may have happened because you are the king of Jinat, but Rehan is targeting Jean Shikhari, his life is in danger.

Rehan says I hunt, I don’t fall victim. Aman says no one can hurt Rehan until I come. Roshni asks who is this jinn hunter? Tabiji says find someone new in your life. Rehan remembers shayari. Tabizi says jinn hunters are smart, they are innocent and stupid, they attack when they get a chance. Rehan looks at the poetry.

Grandma says thank God you’re fine. Sarah says Aman Jinn will not be hurt by the summit. Saima says you will be late to see the doctor. The light sees the crown. She says Aman I don’t know if I am pregnant, I want to tell her how I have to give birth to Jinnah first in life, I promise Jinnah. Aman comes and asks her to come, they are late. She tries to hide from him. She goes. He asks everything is fine. Roshni says yes. She stumbles.

Aman asks are you all right? She says I broke a leg. He says we’ll cancel the visit, let’s go. He gives her a rest. Rehan’s voice was heard. He goes and sees Shayari drying the documents on the wire. He asks what you are doing. She doesn’t listen to him and says I’m doing it well. He asks for files. He asks if you can’t hear me. He held her hand. She looks at him. Aman asked Roshni to rest. She thinks I’m not worthy of your trust, so I’m sorry for hiding this big truth.

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