Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 March 2021, Mukesh and his team asks Karthik to show his team. They ask Karthik to call his team. Akhilesh enters the game along with Luv Kush and some boys and announces that they are Karthik’s team. Karthik is shedding tears upon seeing Akhilesh.

Akhilesh says that Karthik’s team is here. Mukesh says that he will see the people of the city. Akhilesh asks Luv Kush what is trending on social media. “This is our team and now they will beat the drum,” says Luv Kush. They collect the nail and throw it out. Karthik yells at Mukesh and says that the game used to be fair and was played fair.

Here, the dynasty told Gayu about Luv Kush and Akhilesh went to Jaisalmer to support Sirat and Karthik. He allows Gayu to pray to God for the victory of Karthik and Sirat. Riya listens to the dynasty and decides to learn the whole story.

There, Kairav ​​cheers for Karthik’s team and Sonu for Mukesh. Sheila asks Maurya to stop playing Cerat. Maurya tells Sheela to wait and see. Akhilesh asked Karthik not to play due to injury. Karthik becomes eager to play. Akhilesh stops Sirat from playing Karthik supports Akhilesh.

Karthik asks that Seerat not play. Seerat asks Karthik if he is stopping because she is a girl. Karthik explained to Sirat that feminism is not about boys competing because men cannot do what women can do. He says that Mukesh is not playing the game, but they both know that he is quite upset. Karthik asked Seerat to play as an extra player. Sirat tied Karthik’s wound.

He made Karthik happy. Host Announcement Karthik’s team is incomplete. Mukesh laughingly said that Karthik’s team is incomplete and he is ready to play. The villagers threw the ball at Karthik. A ball was about to hit Sirat. Karthik caught the ball.

He gets angry and says that the game will be played impartially and there is no fight going on. Karthik asked people not to be violent. The other side, Riya tries to manipulate the dynasty to learn about the secret of Sirat and Karthik. Dynasty ignores Riya.

Later, Rohan comes back to complete Karthik’s team. Karthik and others become happy. Start the game to win the Mueksh Toss. Rohan goes first and Mukesh is a member of the team. Sīrat prays for Karthik’s victory. Sheela says that only the muks will win.

Sirat says that will tell the result. Sheila feels that Sirat is clear about Mukesh’s plan. Mukesh commented on Karthik’s ability. Sīrat fights Mukesh. Karthik tells Seerat to keep calm. Sirat tells Karthik that if Mukesh had taunted her, he would have taken her, but she insulted him, so she cannot do it. Karthik looks at Seerat.

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