Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th Saptember 2020, Telling Chori that she will come back with him. Chori gets excited. Suhasini watches them from afar and thinks that Karthik and Naira lost their minds.

There, Kirti comes back home and lies to Naksh that she was waiting for an online order but the order was not hers. She asks Naqsh if he wants to drink tea. After this Kirti leaves Naksh and wonders why Kirti lies to him.

Here, Karthik filled Chhori’s adoption form. Gorika discovers Chhori’s new name. Karthik calls him Krishna. Suhasini stops Karthik from signing the papers and asks him that he has gone mad.

She says that Carrie will not be able to share her parents with the theft. Karthik tells Suhasini that he will talk with Kairavat.

Further, Naira and Karthik sign the adoption letter of Chhori. Chori runs away with paper. He thanked God for fulfilling his wish.

Meanwhile, Sudha enters the house to pick up the theft. She introduces the Desai family and reveals that they have adopted theft.

Naira tells Sudha that she wants to talk with him. Karthik tells Sudha that he wants to adopt Krishna. Mr. and Mrs. Desai ask Kayra not to take away their happiness.

Sudha tells them that Desai has completed the adoption process and is now the legal parent of the theft.

Suhasini asks Karthik to leave Chori with him. Chhori reverses and thinks she does not want to leave the house. She hides in a large trunk.

On the other hand, Goenka is looking for Chori. Karthik and Naira feel that the theft ran away from the house.

Akhilesh says that the guard told Surekha that no one has come out of the house. There, Chori struggles to get out of the theft. She faints inside it.

Later, Karthik searches for his mobile. He comes to Kairav’s room. He sees toys outside the trunk and wonders why it came out. He opens the trunk and is surprised.

Karthik calls Naira. In addition, Kayra looks after Chori. Naira comes out of the robbery and asks why she puts her life at risk.

Chori tells them that she wants to be back with them. KAIRA tries to understand the theft that Desai has adopted her earlier and she can no longer be with him.

Chhori refused to leave the place. Karthik promises Chhori that if he ever faces any threat, he will come to her rescue.

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