Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 March 2021, Kairavat, Sirat was given a mobile. Seerat and Mens see each other. Menash asks Seerat to give Karthik a mobile.

Sirat’s mobile in front of Karthik. The chief gives tips to Karthik. Crowd with Sirat Cheer for Karthik. Karthik fights and kicks out a member of Mukesh’s team.

For Karthik, Goenka cheers on Seirat and others. Sirat thanks Mansh and Karthik. Karthik falls down. Mukse asks the referee to count to three that if Karthik does well, his team will win. Sirat enters the game.

Karthik refuses to play Seerat. Sirat manages to convince Karthik to play him. She says that Karthik is not about feminism, as it is called Sportsman’s Ship. Mukesh inexplicably tries Siraat. Seerat shows courage to fight with Mukesh. She wishes Karthik her fate.

Karthik smiles upon seeing Sīrat. There Suhasini says how Sirat can fight against the whole Mukesh’s team. She says that Sirat’s team will lose. Vanshi asks Suhasini not to say so and wishes good villagers that teasing Karthik and Kairao. Suvarna tells Suhasani that Sīrat is not weak.

As the game begins, Sirat and Muex fight hard with each other. Vanshi asks Manish to give a tip to Seerat. Manish asks Karthik to ask Sīrat to give Mukesh back. Karthik convinced Seerat.

Sīrat fights Mukesh. Karthik and others cheer for Seerat. Mukesh implicated Sirat. Sirat struggles to breathe and reaches the line. Maurya asks Sirat to end the game. She urges Sheela to tell Mukesh to leave Sīrat.

Sheila says that she will not speak between Mukesh and her game. Maur tells Sirat that he needs him and the nameplate is not important.

Karthik tells Seerat to stop breathing as he is still in the game. Sirat cries. Suhasini and Suvarna praised Sirat. Gayu says that Naira is strong since childhood. Mansh says that she cannot forget what she does to him but Sarat surprised her today. He praises her. Karat and others clap for Sirat.

Later, Karthik goes to play again. He excluded members of Muayaksa’s team. All clap and cheer for Mukesh. Mukesh gets angry and says that now the last battle will be between him and Karthik. Maurya and Seerat worry about Karthik. Here, Goenka decides to pray for Karthik.

Sīrat wishes Karthik all the best. She asks Karthik to play for himself and not for him. Main and Suvarna worry for Karthik. Karthik and Muksh play kabaddi. Mukesh caught Karthik. Sarat Cheer for Karthik. Mukta sustained an injury on Karthik’s wound.

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