Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 March 2021, Karthik begins to struggle to get through Mukesh’s trap. Mukesh was hurt on Karthik’s wound. Seerat asks Karthik to give Mukesh a side kick, Manish is saying. Karthik follows Manash’s order and wins the match.

Manish gets happy and throws Suvarna into the air. Sīrat and the others become happy. Karthik fainted. Seerth, Akhilesh and Luv-Kush’s concern for Karthik. Mesh and Goenka’s concern for Karthik. Kartik’s face splashed with water. he wakes up.

Karthik asks Akhilesh if Manish is on the phone as he wants to thank him. Akhilesh calls Menesh and Karthik thanks him. Sirat thanks main too. Mansh says that he does not know but only Karthik wants to recover. There, Kairao tells Muexha that they are the losers.

Nanko asks Mukesh that he insulted him by losing the match. Sheila tells Nanko to shut up. Kairavat gives the nameplate to Maurya.

Mari cries happily. Here, Manish asks Suvarna to show Akhilesh to Karthik to the doctor. Suvarna asks Menesh if he will not talk to Karthik. Mansh says he won’t. Surekha says that Rais will say half of henna. Suvarna says that Karthik will recover by hearing Manash’s name.

Mev asks Suvarna if she is still angry with Karthik. The main answer is he does not know who he is angry with. Here, Karthik dramatizes that he will faint. Akhilesh, Luv-Kush, Sirat and other laughter. Akhilesh Karthik plays a doctor for Karthik so that he does not have to inject.

Kairavat asks Karthik to take an injection. Karthik grabbed Sīrat’s hand. Further, Sīrat thanked God for sending Karthik into his life. She remembers her moments with Karthik and says that in a short time he owes her a lot. Sirat becomes happy.

Also, Akhilesh, Luv-Kush, Karthik and Kairavat sit for lunch. Kavar’s demand for bread. Sirat brings bread. Kairavat says that it is delicious. Everyone listens to the noise coming from outside. Karthik asked about the noise. Near the Sirat temple, Maha Shivaratri tells about the festival. Karthik asks if the temple is where Sirat punched him for the first time. Sīrat says that he hugged her tightly. Karthik is seen by Kairavat, Rohan, Akhilesh and Luv Kush. Sīrat and Karthik get embarrassed.

Later, Karthik remembers Naira and shares with Goenka that she misses him every year as he celebrates Maha Shivaratri together every year. Suvarna tells Karthik to return home. Karitka refuses and says that he will not do it until Kairau is convinced. Ahad makes a plan together with Sirat, Karthik and Rohan to convince Kavya that she is not his mother. She suggests during the Mahashivaratri ceremony that she will dance with Rohan.

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