Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th Saptember 2020, Karthik says while doing that he knows that Naira will make a face after hearing about the drugs, but she is not obeying him because she has to take a diet.

Naira is happily dancing in the room. Karthik comes there and looks at him confused. Naira notices him and starts dancing with him.

Karthik asks what happened suddenly some time ago as she could not open her eyes due to sleep. Naira says that her eyes are open now.

Karthik asks what happened. Naira gives examples. She asks how the speed breaker is called by a different name.

Karthik says his name in Hindi. Naira tries to give him another hint but he does not understand. Naira calls him dumb. Karthik asks directly to ask what happened.

On the other hand, Suhana and Suhasini are packing some food. Suhana says that she was thinking of sending all this with the theft, but she has now gone to her new parents.

Dadi says that she has always helped people so not now. Akhilesh asked to hurry up with the packing as everything would be shipped before twelve.

Suhana asks what will happen at twelve. He is told that he has a videocall with Manish. Dadi says Manish is happy there but his health is not good.

Akhilesh assured that he would get well soon. Dadi says that they are living with the hope that there will be happiness in their lives again.

Meanwhile naira shows Kartik a balloon with a kid drawn on it telling him that she thinks she is pregnant since she has all symptoms, even though she has not done any test yet.

Kartik thinks that the symptoms are for her defency. Naira says that she has checked dates also and last night she dreamed Krishna giving her little anklets for a little kid so now she has understood its meaning.

She twirls happily holding the balloon saying that he is going to be father again and Kairav ​​will be big brother.

The balloon falls from her hands and she chases him outside. Gayu finds the balloon and understands it. Karthik thinks Naira will be heartbroken but has to tell them that these are not signs of pregnancy.

Gayu gathers the whole family and makes everyone understand that Naira is pregnant. Not everyone can contain their happiness.

Thank god grandma Karthik arrives and sees them dancing happily. He tries to seduce but Akhil tells him not to say anything and also asks him to dance.

Dadi says that they are crying for one reason or another due to Manish’s accident, but today they finally got happy news.

She blesses Naira and asks him to take the Goenka family forward. Gayu feels sad to hear this. Naira goes to hug him.

Dadi asks Akhil to bring the money so that Naira will touch her and they will distribute it to the poor people, while she goes to thank God.

Everyone is very excited. Nobody lets Karthik speak. Naira goes to Karthik. Dadi prays to God and thanks her. She tells Suvarna that Manish will recover soon.

On the other hand, Keerthy talks to Krish on the call and asks him to keep it secret that she has been coming since she wants to surprise her father.

Naksh sees her and thinks that she is on call with Aditya.Karthik tells Naira that she is not pregnant and all these symptoms are due to deficiency like the doctor told and the report also came.

However, Naira says that she is sure she is pregnant because she can feel that way. Karthik says that he wishes it was true but it is not. Naira says she will undergo a pregnancy test.

Later, Karthik is eager to find out Naira’s pregnancy result. She is in the washroom and asks him to wait but she is very excited and keeps asking him if he is complete.

He is getting impatient. Karthik tells him to stop pretending and tells that the test is negative or positive.

Naira comes with Baby Bump. She shows the pregnancy result which is positive. Karthik kneels down and rests his head on his bump.

He puts his hands on her waist and the two laugh. He lifts her up and then lays her on the bed. He says that it was true. Naira says that she is going to be a father again.

Karthik says that she is going to be a mother again and both say that Kairava will be elder brother soon. Karthik says that he is sure that this is going to be a daughter as he would like and be in his team, which is his best friend.

Naira says that it looks like she is about to give birth to a child. Karthik says that she will make him grow up and he will give him some instructions to get busy.

Naira pulls her leg and asks what will happen if he is a boy. Karthik is sure that it will be a girl, and he also throws a coin, which according to him, means that it will be only one daughter. He is very excited.

Keerthi sees Naksh angrily cutting the cucumbers and asks him what happened to stop him. Naksh blames her for not telling anything and shows a picture of Aditya with his son.

She asks Keerti that this stall with her sonWhy is Shri’s picture and what was his wife doing to him in the past. Keerti cries.

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