Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th Saptember 2020, The nurse is prepared for a blood test. Karthik asks the nurse to do it slowly.

Akhilesh says that he felt that after Manish’s injection his fear was gone. Karthik replies that it was temporary and now this fear has returned.

Naira warns her to put an end to this fear, otherwise if she does not enter the labor room, she will not let him touch the child.

The nurse receives blood and says that the results will be known tomorrow.

Dadi says that they will tell the news to Naira’s parents after getting the results and ask Naira and Karthik if they had told Kairavat. Karthik replies that they will tell him only after the result.

Kirti arrives at the door. Everyone looks at him. Keithis breaks down on her knees. Everyone goes to him. Karthik and Naira ask him what happened.

Kirti says that they are all over. After Daadi asks, she reveals that Naqsh asks her to leave the house.

On the other hand, Naksh’s grandmother asks him to bring Kirti back and sit, but she still is. She asks him what happened and where she got lost.

Naksh breaks down and asks her what he did wrong and why she is getting punishment. He cries because he loved Kirti so much and trusted her.

Dadi asks Keerthi that what happened as Naksh will not be unreasonably angry. Kirti says that Naksh does not trust her and thinks that Krish is not his son.

Everyone gets surprised and questions more about the reason behind thinking this way. Karthik asks Naira if he knew anything about this fight.

Even Suvarna asks him the same question. Naira says that she did not know anything but she knows that it is Aditya’s game.

Naksh cries and says that Keerthi secretly meets Aditya and wonders why. He thinks that if he trusts Aditya more than him.

Kirti agrees with Aditya and says that he has upset her a lot. Karthik asks why. Keerthi says that Aditya keeps claiming that Krish is his son.

Dadi is surprised and does not even want to hear such things. Surekha says that Krish was born after his marriage with Naksh, that too much later.

Naira is sure that Kirti is not telling the whole thing. Karthik tells him not to cry and says that they know he is right and asks to tell the truth.

Kirti tells everyone that once after her marriage with Naksh, she went to a friend’s birthday party and met Aditya there.

After seeing her, she immediately wanted to leave but her friend asked her to stay until she cut the cake.

She started having headaches and slept there but she doesn’t remember anything and Aditya claims that Krish was born later that night.

Keerthi wants everyone to believe in him because he is sure that Krish is the son of Naksh. Now, Aditya is also blackmailing him after clicking a picture with Krish after finding out his school.

She says that she is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Grandma says that she did wrong by hiding such a big thing from Naksh.

Keerthi says that she did not want to disturb Naksh and that her only mistake is that she fell into Aditya’s trap.

On the other hand, Devayani blames Keerti for wrongdoing. Naksh’s grandmother favors Kirti and asks her to think about the rest of the family as well because Naira, Karthik and others will also be affected by this.

Naira calls Naqsh and tells him not to worry as Kirti is with him.

She warns him that Aditya is very bad and she wants all this to happen and her relationship with Kirti breaks down.

She tells him not to let her and Kirti’s relationship get affected and asks her to come but Naksh refuses that she can’t. He cut the call. Naira messaged him requesting him to come.

Karthik asks Naira if Naksh will come. Naira says he did not respond. Karthik says that Naqsh is wrong and has not asked Kirti to leave like this.

Naira calms him down and asks him to wait for Naqsh to arrive. Karthik apologizes and tells him not to take his face off with tension.

Naira says that she is angry with God now because bad things also happen. Karthik hugs him saying that they will fix everything. Naira hopes Naksh arrives.

Later, Naira feels dizzy in the kitchen. Karthik comes and asks him if he is alright? Naira says that she is feeling a bit weak as she probably has a low BP.

Karthik says that he told her not to take stress. Naira covers her mouth with her hand and first asks about Kirti. Karthik says that the whole family is with him. He seats her and takes care of giving her medicine. They hugged.

Grandma scolds Naksh for ruining everything misunderstanding. She reminds him of what happened to Karthik and Naira and how a little misunderstanding ruined many years of their relationship.

Aditya Goenkas comes to Mention. Karthik sees her and grabs her collar. Everyone is shocked to see him.

Karthik pushes Aditya before he does anything.

He did not even imagine. Aditya folds his hands in front of Karthik and says that he is the one who belongs to him. He tells Kirti to give it back to Krish.

Naira says that Krish is the son of Naksh and Kirti. While Aditya keeps trying to convince everyone to give him back to Krish, saying that he is his son, Karthik angrily threatens to kill him.

Aditya asks Keerti to tell everyone the truth of the night when she was drunk and he takes over. He shows some pictures of that night.

Keerti cries and says that it is all a lie. Aditya says that he knows he is afraid of Naksh but if he loves her he will understand that it was a mistake. He says that he has Naksh but he has none other than Krish and he asks Krish.

Naira is about to say something, but stops seeing Naksh, her grandmother and Devayani there. Kirti sees him and asks him that he does not trust Aditya as Krish is his son. Aditya tells him to give back his krishna otherwise he can cross any limit.

Naira snatches the pictures that Aditya was holding and shouts at Aditya asking him to get lost. She says that they know her and Keerti well.

She screams and stumbles. Suvarna and Surekha tell him not to take stress during pregnancy. Devayani, Keerthi, Naksh and the latter’s grandmother are surprised to hear this news.

Aditya claps, saying that he is worried about the unborn child but not Krish. He says that he will give evidence of what he is saying after which they will believe him.

He says that they will get Krishna’s paternity test done. Naira sees Kirti who is crying.

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