Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 March 2021, Sirat scolding people for listening to Mukesh and insulting him. She says when I get the trophy, all of you will welcome me with garlands and ask girls to be like me. Karthik looks at him. FB ends. Sīrat says that I took your advice. Karthik says let me fulfill my responsibility, trust me.

She says that your father does not trust me, he feels that I am a gold digger company. He says please be patient, I will talk to Dad. He tells Suvarna to take over here. He goes to Manish and says that I have come to do the right thing.

Manish says that it is wrong that she came here, you are joining and supporting her life, she is not Naira, the right thing is that she is using her face, you understand. Are you not even thinking that she is Naira. Karthik says Papa please… Manish says, I am your father, I will not let you do this, after my death you can do anything. Karthik tells him not to do it and just sit. He gives her water.

Serat is waiting outside. Karthik says sorry, I have always made many mistakes, you have forgiven me, you have realized that this time I was not wrong and wrong also, so Sirat and her grandmother had to be punished. Sīrat says that I do not think Manish will agree, will explain to Karthik. Karthik says that it happened because of me, I stained his future because of my past, why I avenged, he might think that I avenged him, tell me, am I so bad. He cries. Manish says no, it is not. Karthik says that you are wrong that Sirat slapped you. Manish says that I did not forget or forgive him, but right now I am worried for you and Kairav, he is not small.

Karthik says that he is small for me, he has done a lot for us. Manish says that you paid for it. Karthik asks if we can pay using only money. She says that this girl had to leave her house because of me. Manish says that Kairav ​​is a child, it is difficult to explain, but that girl…. Dadi comes and says she is needy, we should not back down from helping her, she has no one in this city, God has given us a lot, what if she stays here. Manish says I have a condition. Karthik comes and says that you and Nani can stay in the outhouse, there are two rooms, all arrangements will be made there itself.

Sirat asks her not to take stress, thanks for convincing me that not every fight needs to be fought. They go. Suvarna goes to Manish. She says that everyone treated me the same way you think of that girl when you married me. Manish says that my wife does not have the courage to compare him to that girl.

Carav cries. Grandma comes to her room. She asks what happened. Kairavat says that Sirat is not my mother. Surekha says that the girl is really greedy, she is taking advantage of Karthik and Kairava’s intentions, Sīrat can come to our house anytime. Manish says I will not let this happen. Kairao says that I have seen family photos, his parents are different, Sheela is his mother, I have heard his talk with Karthik, he is not my mother.

Grandma hugs him. Manish says that Karthik is my son. Riya says that you cannot decide on her behalf. Manish says that I can take a decision and even agree with him, he is really kind, I will not let anyone use this fact. Karthik helps Sirat. Grandma asks are you worried. Kairao says I am sad. Dadi says that I am glad that you accepted it, we will tell everyone. Kairao says no, I like Sirat, I miss Mama less when she is around. Grandma said okay, I will not tell anyone, promise.

Riya says that Karthik needs an anchor, a wife, a woman figure in his life. Manish asks how can we find a girl who can take care of the family, who takes care of Akshu, like you did, you have become like a family. Riya thanked him. Manish says you are accommodating with us, we want such a girl for Karthik. Manish says yes, maybe I was thinking the same thing. Karthik and Sirat have a wink. Bandhan Anees has become… .Plates….

Kairavat asks if you can make her my mother. Grandma is shocked. Surekha asks Manish to tell it to Dadi and Suvarna. Manish says yes, I will ask Riya first. He asks if you will marry my Karthik. Surekha nodded to Riya. Riya smiled. Grandmother said no. Kairavat says that everyone asks him to make Akshu and Mary Mama, God gave him the same face, why can’t we give him the same family. Manish says that I cannot find a better match for Karthik, both families are the same. Riya says thanks, I don’t know how to react. Manish says that you deserve to spend life with Karthik and not with that girl.

Karthik gets Mary Kom’s poster. She says that we should not worry about anything, MarShri Kom does not let me weaken, I chose my fight. He says I’m with you. Manish says that you do not tell this to anyone, I do not know how Karthik will react. Surekha says she will be happy, she is educated and smart, she has no attitude, she loves children very much. Riya asks Manish to talk to Karthik when he finds time, Karthik needs time. Manish says, I like your understanding, I will convince him, for his betterment and happiness, where is he. She says that she is at the outhouse to help Sirat and Nani.

Manish comes there and sees Karthik putting up the poster. Karthik gives tips to Sirat to keep calm, anger ruins everything. Sīrat says that I have strength in my hand. The grandmother was laughing. Sirat says I know that you have done this to not get into any problem. Karthik tells him to focus on his life. His picture falls down. She chooses him and sheds tears. He asks what are you doing. She says nothing, something old. He says okay, be ready tomorrow. He leaves. Nani says that his decree would spill the tears of human body. Sirat doesn’t seem to have any of his own.

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