Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 March 2021, Gayu brings food for Sirat. Seerat asks Gayu how she knows that food is her favorite and Mori likes it too.

Gayu tells Seerat that she is his sister but he does not understand why Karthik has kept her out of the house. She asks Sirat not to worry as Karthik fixes everything.

Thinking about Gayu Naira, she apologizes to Sirat for her past deeds. She asks Gyu if he ever needs anything that he can tell her.

Sirat talks about Gayu and tells Maurya that she does not know why Goenka calls him crazy. She says that Gayu was shocked when he lost Naira because he didn’t even get a chance to apologize to her.

Sirat tells Maurya that when she first met Gayu, Gayu apologized to her that day as well. She says that Gayu and Cara are shocked by Naira’s death.

Goenka takes care of Kairav ​​but nobody cares for Gayu that she handles everything.

On the other hand, Riya talks to Akshu. She dreams of marrying Karthik. Riya tells Akshu that once she marries Karthik, she will send him to the baby care center. Gayu comes from behind. Riya feels that she has been caught. Gayu scolds her for always taking care of Akshu. She asks not to worry as Naira is back.

Surekha comes and asks Riya that she should not feel bad about the word Gay because she has lost it all. Riya feels that once Karthik becomes her, she will throw him out as well. Here, Karthik spends time with Akshu and apologizes to him for not being able to spend a long time with him.

He says that he is happy to see Kairao and Akshu with him. Karthik apologizes to Naira for not spending time with Akshara. In his sleep, he tells Seerat to stay away from him as she keeps on hitting him.

In the morning, look for Chief Karthik. Riya tells Goenka that Karthik went somewhere with Sirat. Manish gets irritated. There, Karthik inspires Sirat to play boxing.

Seerat becomes happy and asks Karthik if he will befriend her. Karthik remembers about Naira and puts his hand forward to befriend Sīrat.

Further, Karthik takes Sīrat to Dev to complete his boxing training. Seehrat becomes unabated. Meanwhile, Dev harasses a girl. Karthik and Seerat fail to see him. Further, Dev smiles upon seeing Seerat. He asks her to join him the next day. Dev keeps a bad eye on Sirat. Karthik praised Sirat.

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