Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th Saptember 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th Saptember 2020, Karthik says that I cannot allow the day to be ruined because of a chunari. He says let’s try again.

They look around. Everyone in the house is worried that they cannot find Chunri. Naqsh is not getting Karik. Naksh comes in, everyone asks if they can find Chunari.

Karthik comes in and says that Chunri Dadi has not been found. But something else is done. We will make it with flowers. Everyone is ready for Naira super special chunari.

Where are you? Is she feeling weak? Did he drink water? Grandma says that she has eaten everything. dont worry. Naksh says where is Naira? I want to check her BP. Everyone teases him.

Karthik comes into the room. Naira is ready. Karthik hugs him. Karthik and Naira merely dance on Sonia. Karthik rubs his stomach.

Naira asks did you talk to Krishna? Kritika says that her phone was busy. Don’t worry I’ll call her. She says that I talked to her mother. She has settled there.

Naira arrives. Grandmother worships him. Grandmother says that you guys also play their relationship and try to have another child.

Kirti fights with Naksh and says that she is sick and tired of pretending in front of people. They said that we can get a divorce.

Kirti says how will I tell them about my divorce. Grandmother prays to him. Karthik and Naira worship and pray.

Naira says thank you to my family for coming here and doing all this. She says thank you and Karthik. You have made my day perfect.

He asks for my wife and child. She says tell me what a surprise. What are they all hiding? Everyone laughed. Karthik shows him a dolly which he has decorated. Naira had tears in her eyes.

She says that I cannot believe my fate that my family is like that. Karthik sits on it. They all pick him up and dance.

Karthik dances with Naira Karthik sits with Naira and sings Meri Duniya tu hi re. They all take a family photo. Kirti says why don’t we tell them all the truth? I can’t fool them. He says we will.

She says what about Krish? Kritika’s call comes. This is Krishna. She says come on Superman please. he is worried. He promises to protect her.

He told her this keyword. Karthik shouts Krishna are you alright? Naira says she must be missing him.

Kritika says that this was our code word. He is in a mess. She got scared. Naira says call again. Karthik says that the phone is off. We have to go.

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