Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 March 2021, Punch bags and thin cheeses with caravans. There, Karitak and Sīrat return home. Seerat practice boxing. Karthik asks if he ever thought that if the dancer keeps dancing, the doctor will keep injecting everyone? Sīrat tells Kartik that it is called Chhaya Prabha. Karthik informs Sirat not to practice boxing indoors.

Mesh arrives and asks Karthik to meet him as he was waiting for her for the meeting. Here, Kairavat remembers his moments with Seirat. He punches the bag. Sirat comes and stops Kairav. Kairavat insists on Sīrat to teach him the basic. Sirat refuses but Kairav ​​begs her.

Siraat agrees. Riya sees Kairav ​​practicing. He conspires against her. Riya encourages Karthik to teach boxing to Kairav. Karthik gets furious. He goes to investigate. Riya smiles and thinks that Seert is getting a good scolding from Karthik.

Karthik attacked Sirat for teaching boxing to Kairavat without his permission. He tells Mauri that he had already alerted Serat to keep the boxing practice at home away. Karthik asks Sirat if she has gone mad to become a coach. Sirat tries to speak but Karthik yells at him. He asks that the Sirat children belong to him and only he has the right to decide for them. Karthik asks that Sirat does not try to become Kairava’s mother as she is not Naira. Goenka stood outside and listened to Sirat and Karthik.

Riya becomes happy. Sirat shouts at Karthik. She says that she is not Kairav’s mother, but knows that she has undergone surgery and knows that she cannot do much exertion. Sirat says that she is right that Carav has no relationship with her, yet she cares for him and will never do anything that will harm him.

She tells Karthik that it was Kairavat who insisted on him. Karthik again warns Seirat and says that even though Kairav ​​will force him, he will never teach Kairav ​​the boxing. Sīrat says that she understood.

Ahid, Riya is standing outside in Serat’s room. Gayu asks Riya if she is keeping an eye on Naira. Riya gets irritated and says that she will see Gyu first. Here, Sirat gets upset after listening to Karthik. Maurya also tries to convince Siarat that Kairav ​​shares a relationship with her but she is not his mother.

The next day, in the morning Seerat resorts to Karthik’s car. Kartak comes and sees Seerat. On the other hand, Riya provokes Gayu. She plays and acts in front of Goenka that Gayu tries to harm her. Gayu tries to speak but Suvarna tells him to calm down.

Gayu remembers Riya’s word and throws the car into the road. Seeing him run away from the car, the covenants and descendants get scared. Meanwhile, Karthik’s car gets punctured. The Carav and the clan cry for help. Both Karthik and Seerat see Gayu running away from the car.

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