Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 March 2021, Gayu did it with a running car on the road. The Carav and the clan cry for help. Karthik heard Kerwa’s call and ran his car behind Gayu.

There, Riya tells Surekha that she did not say anything to Gayu, but Gayu takes an aggressive attitude towards her. Surekha calms Riya. Riya tries to tease Surekha and Suhasini against Gayu. She says that Gayu is losing his mind and they should get him diagnosed by a mental doctor.

Riya said that she is afraid that one day Gayu will harm the children too. On the other hand, Gayu drives the car. Kairavat sees Sīrat and calls for her.

Sirat runs after Gayu’s car and jumps in front of the latter car. Gayu stopped the car. Sirat stands up and Gayu runs in and hugs Sirat. Karthik stopped the car. Gayu asks Seerat to never leave him. Sīrat pacified Gayu. Karthik gets angry with Sirat and Gayu for being careless.

He scolds Gayu for driving the car. Karthik gets angry at Seerat for jumping in front of the car. Seerat tells Karthik to calm down because Gayu is already under stress. Karthik asks Seerat not to teach him. He asks Sirat what would have happened if he had died. Sīrat says but nothing happened to him. Gayu asks Karthik to stop shouting at Naira as she was already in pain and away from home. Sīrat and Karthik were shocked.

On the other hand, Manish and Goenka are concerned about children and Gayu. Karthik brings back Gayu, Kairavat, Sirat and Dynasty. Riya narrates the drama and accuses Gayu of harassing her. She says that Gayu is mentally unstable. Gayu tells Goenka that Riya tells him that Naira is dead and thus frightens him, she goes to investigate him. Riya says that Gayu is lying. She tries to molest Goenka.

Gayu tries to rescue him. Surekha and Riya ask Goenka to send Gayu to a mental hospital. Surrekha says that no mentally unstable person calls himself a psychic. Sirat gets angry and defends Gayu. She indirectly points to Riya and says that mentally unstable individuals do not react until someone is hit by a brain injury.

Riya goes to Karthik and asks him if he believes about Sirat or her. Karthik goes to Gayu and says that he is his friend and will always support him. Sirat says that Gayu is losing because no one cares for him and behaves cunningly as to what to say or what not to speak in front of him.

Sirat smiles upon hearing Gayatri. Sirat is called Gayu Di. Gayu gets happy and says that Naira forgives him. Seerat and Goenka’s stance was dealt a blow. Gayu asks Seerat why she is staying in the outhouse. Seerat makes an excuse for boxing. She further apologizes to Karthik for calling Gayu. Dynasty and Kairava praise Gayu. Suvarna asks to prepare for Holikadahan.

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