Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 March 2021,Karthik checking his mobile. Seerat looks at Karthik and thinks about informing Karthik for the boxing match. Luv, Kush, Kairavat and Dynasty arrive and interrupt Karthik.

They ask Karthik to discuss the plans of Holi. Love tips for the rain dance. Dynasty and Carav get agitated. Karthik refuses and says he cannot waste water. Luv, Kush, Kairavat and Vansh talk with Karthik. Kairavat demands Kartik to summon Naksh as well. Karthik says that he will try.

Seerat sees Karthik with the children and decides not to interrupt her. She calls the auto and leaves. Karthik leaves Seerat and worries about where she is going alone. There, Suvarna and Mashava see Karthik along with Luv, Kush, Kairavat and Dynasty.

Suvarna asks Manish not to take a bad look at Kartik’s happiness. Mansh says that he is very happy to see her and wishes to celebrate Holi with Karthik and his family. He says that he only wishes to celebrate the family together and not that of an outsider. Suvarna looked at Menash in shock.

On the other hand, the Sirats reach the garage. Dev smiles upon seeing Seerat. He deliberately jumps into Sirat and apologizes to her. He says that he did not see her. Dev calls Sirat inside the garage. Sirat is scared. Meanwhile, Goenka prepares for Holi.

Luv Kush making laugh post rangoli Maurvi praised Luv Kush’s design. Kairav ​​praised Maurya’s rangoli. Suhasini gets irritated with Kairavat and tries to confront Maury. She says that the house belongs to her and thus she also works, only she can make rangoli. Maurya gives permission and also apologizes. Kirti comes and meets everyone.

There, Sirat sees an empty garage and asks Dev about the other students. Dev makes an excuse. He tells Sirat to practice and concentrate on his game. He tells Seerat to get warm.

Sīrat feels restless. Here Kartik arranges for Holika Dahan. He learns from Maurya that Dev invites Sirat to some garage for boxing practice. Karthik feels that it is fish thinking, as Holi’s sports clubs are also closed.

Later, Sirat gets hot and tired. Dev drinks and smoothes Sīrat. Concern for Mari Sirat. Karthik tells Maurya that Seerat is a lioness and can handle any situation.

Meanwhile, Mensh asks Goenka to start Holikadahan and refuses to wait for Sirat. Sirat feels dizzy. Dev tries to get close to Sīrat. Sirat fights Dev. There, Gaiu asks Karthik to bring Serat. Karthik sees something about Dev on the internet and is shocked. Dev tries to get close to Sīrat. Karthik saves Sirat at the tip of time.

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