Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 March 2021, Karthik being caught by Sirat. Dev accuses Sirat and says that she was falling on him. She says she has no intoxication because she was trying to get close to him. Dev says that he did nothing there. He says that Serat was trying to do all this to reach the National. Karthik is shocked and takes Sīrat out of there. There, Mansh and Goenka wait for Karthik. Gayu says that he went to take Sirat.

Manish says that Karthik is his son and not the driver that he went to pick someone up. Maurya was shocked. Suvarna tells Goenka that Karthik and Sirat are on the path Karthik messaged them with. Dynasty and Kairava asked Goenka to dance as it is Holikadhan today. Suhasini asked Mains not to spoil the mood of the children. Maurya says that Mansh does not like his appearance, so he has arranged for Holikadahan separately and will celebrate with Seerat.

On the other hand, the drunk Sirat asks Karthik not to touch him when the latter is trying to bring him to his senses to bring him curd. Drunk Sitarat accused Karthik of sending Dev. Karthik feels bad for Sirat and regrets sending him to Dev. Sīrat comes back to her senses. She remembers what happened in the garage. Sirat thinks that Dev tried to touch her improperly. She feels that Dev has done something wrong with her.

Karthik informs Sirat that he saved her over time. He apologizes to Sirat for sending Dev. Sirat asked Karthik not to accuse himself because everything on the Internet was written about Dev. Both Karthik and Seerat decide to teach Dev a lesson. Sirat asks Karthik not to inform Maurya about this as she will not be able to bear it.

Later, Karthik and Seerat return home. Kairavat asks Karthik why he was late. Karthik makes an excuse. Maurya asks Sirat why she looks tired. Sirat says that after a long time she practiced boxing, she is tired. Maurya asks Seerat to get ready. Also, Sīrat remembers about Dev and becomes enraged. She hides from Maurya. Here, Goenka tries to find out why Karthik is upset.

Manish decided about where Serat went late night for the practice of boxing. Further, Goenka’s Holika malfunctioned. Maurya asks Goenka to celebrate with him. Goenka’s consent. Sirat and Karthik discuss to teach Dev a lesson. Here, Surekha and Riya find out what Seerat and Karthik are discussing when they return to the post. Karthik and Seerat celebrate Holikadhan. Manish decides to announce the alliance between Riya and Karthik. Riya becomes happy. Both Sirat and Karthik swear to fight Dev.

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