Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 February 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 February 2021, Suhasini who brings a lot of goods for 2-4 days, looking at Serat’s baggage and idea. Karthik goes to Sirat. Serat apologizes to Karthik for bringing Maurya along. Karthik tells Sirat that he has done well by bringing Maurya and he will continue to worry about her health.

Kairavat runs and puts a garland around Sirat’s neck. He says that he is happy to meet her. Kairavat decides to call Sīrat with his name. Karthik takes the bag from Sirat. He meets Goenka with Maurya. Karthik should tell that Maurya is the grandmother of Sīrat.

Mori apologizes to Goenka for coming home without telling him. She was about to give a reason for suddenly coming with Seerat. But Sīrat comes in the middle and says that Maurya is not feeling well and that he should also bring her home.

Suhasini asks about the stuff. Siraat tells Suhasini that she takes her luggage wherever she goes. Karthik asks the housekeeper to keep the goods of Sīrat. Vanshi meets Sirat. He calls her aunt. Sirat looks at Vanah. Dynasty says that he too will call him Sīrat.

Kairavat asks Seerat to come inside the house. Sirat is hesitant. Kairavat catches Sirat’s hand and pulls him inside. Serat about falling. Suvarna helps Sirat and asks him to take care of himself. Kairavat asks Sirat to get ready to celebrate the festival of Basant Panchami.

He shows Karthik and Serat’s room. Kairavat asks Sīrat to enter the room. Karthik remembers his moments with Naira. Sirat stops and tells Kavya that Maurya is not feeling well and has to spend time with him. She refuses to enter the room.

There Luv says that Sirat looks like Naira. Manish and others watch Luv Kush. Luv Kush asks Vans to come along with him, adding that Naqsh will be very happy to see Seerat. Further, Manish and Suhasini wonder why Seerat brought a lot of baggage for 4 days.

The two decide to highlight Serat’s intentions. Suvarna asks Suhasini and Manish not to take anything without learning the real reason. Riya tries to provoke Suhasini against Sirat. Suhasini told Suvarna not to be extra soft towards everyone.

Kairavat shows Maurya and Serat in his room. He asks Sirat what he should tell Maurya. Maurya asks him that he can call what he likes. Kairao decides to call Maurya a beautiful woman. Maurya blessed Kairavat. Also, Karthik argues with Manish about Maurish and Sirat staying in the outhouse. Later, Mari asks Seerat why he did not tell Karthik the truth about Shift to Goenka house.

Sirat says what she should tell the family. She remembers how Mukesh drove her and Mari out of the house. back to reality; Maurya asks Sirat not to hide from Karthik and asks him to tell the truth soon. Serat agrees. Also, Karit sees Gayu giving Naira’s sari to Seerat. He tells Gayu to stop confusing Sirat with Naira. Gayu tells Karthik one day that he will call Siraat himself Naira. Karthik was shocked.

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