Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 March 2021, Karthik pitted against Dev from the Sports Committee. He tells the person that Dev tried to harass one of his students. Karthik says that he will also submit a written complaint. Sīrat listened to Karthik. Karthik apologizes to Sirat for recalling that moment again. Glass fall Karthik and Seerat were shocked. Maurya apologized and said that the glass accidentally fell.

Karthik and Seerat do not apologize to Maurya. On the other hand, Manash asks Akhilesh to talk to Karthik about the second marriage. Akhilesh tells Karthik that it is too early to talk with Karthik. Suvarna Post tells Mensh Akhilesh for his marriage with Soumya’s demise that he only supported her. Surekha and Mansh ask Akhilesh to talk with Karthik as he will not tell her. Akhilesh asks Menesh to give him some time. Suhasini remembers Kairava’s talk and gets confused wondering if she should reveal Goenka.

In the morning, Karthik remembers Naira and wishes him a happy Holi. He recalled his moments with Naira. Karthik asks Naira why he left her. He promised his photo that he would wish everyone a happy Holi. There, Kairao also wished Naira’s photo to Holi. He asks Naira if she can make Sirat his mother because she likes his company. Kairavat meets Karthik. He asks Karthik whether Naira wishes Holi or not. Karthik nodded yes.

Kairavat tells Karthik to wish for Sīrat as well. Here, Maurya asks Sirat if Dev has refused to make him a coach. She keeps asking Sīrat. Sirat refrains from talk and plays Holi with Maurya. Sirat vowed to teach Dev a lesson.

On the other hand, Karthik asks the sports committee if they are going to take action or not, then they will have to complain to the police. Akhilesh sees Karthik and tells him about the dance competition that takes place at the Akshara Dance Academy. He asks Karthik if he doesn’t mind. Karthik tells Akhilesh that it is good for the family and life does not stop for everyone. The chief misunderstands Karthik and Akhilesh and thinks that Karthik is ready to marry Riya. He becomes happy.

If he is confident of his decision then the main Karthik departs. Karthik says yes and leaves the place. Chiefly announces happily about Karthik’s marriage. Both Suvarna and Suhasini are confused. Riya becomes happy.

Later, Karitak inspires Sirat to fight Dev. Sirat becomes happy. Both of them wish each other Holi. Riya is jealous of Karthik and Seerat seeing the color on each other’s face. He feels that once Manesh declares about an alliance with Karthik, Serat will be out of his life already. Apart from this, Goenka also celebrates Holi with Maurya and Seerat.

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