Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 February 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 February 2021, Maury’s bathtub and asks about it. Sīrat tells Maurya that it is a bathtub. Maury asks if the bathroom does not have buckets and mugs. Sirat says to Maurya that it is raining there. Maurya asks Seerat to open the shower.

Serat tries on the shower. The shower gets on its own. She shouts for help. Maurya asks Sirat to shut it down. Karthik comes to help Sirat. He helps her know how to open and close the shower. Sheerat understands Maur tells Sirat that in the meantime he will bring clothes. Karthik slips and Seerat catches him. Sīrat asks Karthik to take care of himself. Further, Seerat slips and Karthik catches him.

The two share an awkward moment. Sīrat thinks that whenever Karthik comes, something strange happens. In addition, the dynasty, Kairava and Krish keep their books at the Saraswati Puja. Karthik brings Naira’s anklet and keeps reminiscing about Naira.

Sirat arrives and puts on his boxing gloves. Goenka was shocked. Sirat and Maurya say that if they have problems then they will do their worship later. Karthik stopped Serat and Maurya. Seerat tells every year that she too worships her boxing gloves. Kairavat arrives and asks Sirat if she has met Akshu. Sirat asks about Akshu. Kairav ​​introduces Akshu and says that she is happy to see him. Sirat finds Akshu cute. She says that she loves babies.

Suhasini asks Sirat not to praise Akshu show for avoiding evil eyes. Gayu says that mother can never take a bad look at her child. Riya takes Akshit from Sirat and says that Akshu only recognizes her hand. Sheerat remained standing. Also, Suvarna asks Sirat to wear yellow clothes as Basant Panchami.

Sirat refuses and says that she is fine with whatever she is wearing. Suvarna says that she has her yellow kilt and she can wear it. Kairavat asks Sirat to wear it. Sirat refuses and says that he is on a secret mission and can only wear the same type of cloth he has just worn. Manish tells Suhasini that Sirat is showing something that will happen if he takes a favor from them. Next, Goenka worships Saraswati. The Mauryas also suggest their ritual of Basant Panchami. Suvarna supports Maurya.

Later, Carav asks what they will do now. Maurya says they will fly kites. Kairava called Maurya a beautiful woman. Suhasini learns that Seerat and Maurya are homeless. She says that she was decoded by seeing their belongings that they are not here for only 2-3 days. Suhasini feels that she will not let them stay longer. Later, Seerat asks Karthik not to take stress. Karthik says that Kairav ​​will soon understand that he and Naira are different. Goenka’s flying kite and Sirat cut everyone off. Kairavat says that only Sirat and Karitak are left towards the last.

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