Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3 March 2021, Maurya pleading with Karthik to listen to Sirat once. Sīrat asks Maurya to stop begging in front of Goenka.

She puts her luggage on the table and tells Karthik to check her luggage and if she finds her ring good then she can throw it away with her as she is not taking them with her. Maur asks Sirat to clear up the misunderstanding. Sirat says that they are poor and no one will believe them. Maurya asks what about Kairavat. Sairat says that Kairao’s family is there to help him.

She says that she did her favor by helping Kairav. Sirat says that she has always prayed for Karaiv and she will continue to do so. Goenka makes a face. Sirat asks Goenka to inform Karav, she did not go to his house but they insult her and throw her away.

Karthik recalled how Serat slapped Mansh in the heat of the moment. The Mauryas try to speak. Sirat says that none other than Maury is important to him. Later, Maurya and Sirat leave the house. Sirat recalls her moment with Goenka. Maurya asks Sirat where will he go now. Sirat says that she will do something. There, Riya receives the ring and throws it out the window. Surekha says that her house was built as a fish market due to Sīrat and Maurya.

Suvarna asks Surekha not to apply oil. Menve asks Suvarna why she is taking the side of Sīrat. He cannot ask that he cannot see that Sirat’s behavior hurt him. Suvarna tells Mensch that her ego is hurting. The scribe left home and went away. Suvarna tells Karthik that anger suppresses the ability to think. He calmly tells Karthik to think on Sirat. Karitka remembers his moment with Sirat. He realizes his mistake.

Karthik goes to Menash and tries to rescue Seerat. Mansh asks Karthik not to talk about Sīrat with him. Karthik comes to Karthik and gives him Naira’s ring. He reveals that he found it near the kitchen window, playing with the offspring. Karthik and others get shocked on seeing the ring.

Riya’s concern. Kairav ​​asks Karthik to give Naira her ring back otherwise he will get angry. Karthik regrets his actions. Riya tried to provoke Goenka against Serat. Suvarna asks Riya to stop repeating the same thing against Sirat. Karthik seeks out Seirat and Maurya. He said that they probably went back to Jaisalmer.

In Jaisalmer, Sirat returns to her home with Mukesh, Mukesh and Sheela are not at home. Maurya is worried about Kairav. Sirat says that she tried to help Kairav ​​but she could not bear the insult. She asks Mori to stop thinking about Goenka. Here, Surekha and Manhat speak against Sirat. Later, Sirat is shocked to see the police at her door. Police say that they are here to arrest Sirat.

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