Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 March 2021, Asking the police for help. They inform that they are here to arrest him. Sitarat drove Karthik out of the spot and misunderstood him that she brought Naira to his house to arrest him for stealing the ring.

She tells Karthik that he only has Naira’s face and that he has nothing else, including the ring. Karthik’s conversation with the police Seerat asks Karthik not to mislead the police. Karthik asks Sirat if she can stop talking for some time. He tells Sirat to use the mind at times as if he wanted to make his arrest, as if he had done so long ago.

Karthik asks Sirat if she broke the lock and entered the house. Sirat asks Karthik if he did not call the police. Maurya wonders who called the police here, Mukesh comes along with Sheela and informs that she called the police so that she could arrest Seerat as she forcefully entered his house.

Karthik, Maurya and others were surprised. Maurya asks Mukesh to do some shame as Sirat is a stepdaughter like her daughter. Mukesh asks Maurya not to speak. Sīrat tries to fight Mukesh. Mukesh asks the police to arrest Sirat as she is also fighting with him. The police dragged Sirat. Sīrat tells Muexha that she will not leave him.

Sirat asks Sheela to take care of Maurya after her. Sheela does not answer. Seerat sees Karthik and tells him that she does not know why he is here and urges her to take care of Maurya after him. Karthik stops the police from taking Sirat. He explains that his lawyer will be here in a minute.

Mukesh urges the inspector to carry Sirat. The police ask Karthik to come to the police station if he wants to say anything.

Karthik stands in front of the jeep and asks the police to understand him. Karthik’s lawyer comes and informs the police that the property belongs to Mrs. Kalavati. He shows the paper. Mukesh and others get shocked. Maurya blesses Karthik.

Mukesh asks Sheela to gather information as to why Karthik helps Sirat. Sheila decides to find out about Karthik. The lawyer tells Karthik that he does not understand why he bought the property with double rate. Sīrat feels that Karthik is a good person.

Karthik informs Maurya and Sirat that Karya is sleeping in the car. Sirat runs and takes Kairav ​​with him. On the other hand, Gayu accuses Goenka of not accepting Sirat.

Suhasini is irritated and asks to send Mensh back to the ashram. Surekha says that Sirat is a headache. Later, both Karthik and Seerat apologize to each other. Maurya asks Karthik to spend time with Kahar with him.

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