Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 March 2021, Maurya tells Karthik that he cannot force her to take him with him, but can stop him and Kairav ​​to live with her. Akhilesh calls Karthik and asks if the lawyer arrived on time. Karthik said to Akhilesh, yes work is done, Akhilesh asks Karthik if he books a hotel for him to rest.

Karthik says he will manage. Manish tells Karthik that he should not stay with Serat and Maurya and they will benefit again. Karthik called. Akhilesh says that Karthik called. Surekha says that Seerat is clever because she threw the ring out before giving a clean chit to Karthik. Riya Support Line. Manish was shocked. Further, Seerat meets Karthik. He recalled his moment with Naira. Serat apologizes to Karthik for his behavior.

Karthik apologizes to Seerat. Sīrat puts the hand of friendship in front of Karthik. Karthik recalled his moment with Naira. Later, Sirat speaks up and Karthik asks him about Sheela and Mukesh. Sheerat avoids talk.

Karthik falls asleep and Seerat smiles at Karat. Karthik falls into his hands and Seerat grabs him. Karthik holds Sirarat’s hand and asks if he is seeing if he is making any mistake. He says that she can see that she has dedicated her life to her children. Karthik says ‘I love you’ and Seerat is shocked. He takes Naira’s name and Seerat walks out of the room.

Sheila and her son look inside Mari’s house. Sirat’s half-brother asks Sheela if Maurya and Sirat will give all their love to Kairavat and not him. Sheila asks her son if he is jealous. The boy says yes. Sheila says that now she will use her jealousy to learn about Kairav ​​and Karthik’s presence in the house. Later, Kavya wakes up and Sheela goes into hiding. Sirat comes and spends time with Kairav. Karthik spots Sheela and asks if she needs anything. Sheela hid. Maurya sits with Karthik.

Karthik asks about Sirat and Mukesh. Maurya tells Kartik that Mukesh is Siarat’s stepfather. She tells of the struggle of Sīrat. Karthik sheds tears. He calls Suvarna and thanks her for being a good man. Karthik and Suvarna shared one thing.

Further, Sirat shows Kairavat her childhood photos and achievements. Kairavat sat confused. Sīrat feels that she will convince Kairav ​​that she is not his mother. Riya talks to Surekha and later asks him to do something to bring Karthik back. Riya feels that Akshu is very upset. Surekha tries to talk to Suvarna to bring back Karthik.

Suvarna says that Karthik is responsible enough to understand his good and bad. Surekha also suggested Riya to go to Jaisalmer. Later, Manish evades Karthik’s call. Akhilesh talks to Survarna and asks him to call Karthik back. Karthik refuses to return home, until Kairavat is convinced that Sīrat is not his mother.

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