Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 March 2021

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 March 2021, Sirat which shows Kairav ​​about her childhood photographs. She tells him about his school and achievements.

Kairavat asks Sirat if he has photoshopped her photos. He asks that she lived in Cape City more than when she returned to India. Seerat tells Kairavat that what she is talking about is her mother Naira and she is Seerat. Kairavat tells Sirat that he understands that he is on a mission, so she is lying to him.

Kairav ​​says that he has not revealed his true identity in the movie Secret Agents. he goes. Seerat feels that she tries her best to convince Kairao but in vain. Further, Sirat collides with Karthik. Karthik got hurt on his nose. Seerat laughed at Karthik seeing his red nose. Karthik told Seerat that he would be meeting in a few hours and how he would do it with a red nose.

Sirat asks Karthik to put ice on him. Karthik asks Seerat to connect his mobile to WiFi as he has a meeting. Seerat asks Karthik to give his mobile as he will connect. She stood at the table to fetch the signal. Sirat gets happy seeing the signal and tells Karthik to stand at the table and continue their meeting. Karthik is standing at the table and watching the signal. Kairavat sees Seerat and Karthik.

Sirat asks Karthik to stand at the table and hold their meeting. Karthik asks Sirat if she has gone mad. Seerat tells Karthik that he has set up for WiFi from a nearby hotel. Karthik decides to buy the dongle. Kairavat looks at Seirat and wonders if Naira has changed completely and does not speak as before. He gets tense. There Sheela asks Mukesh to drink milk.

Mukesh decides to find out the truth of Karthik. Sheila says that she tried but was unsuccessful. On the road, Karthik thinks of Sirat and says that she is careless and taunting him. He says who sets up the hotel with WiFi. A stranger goes with Karthik when he was talking with himself. Karthik finds out and tells the man to leave him. On the other hand, Kairavat enlist the help of Vans to find out about Sirat and Naira.

Also, Serat seems to be missing Maurya’s nameplate. She confronts Mukesh. Mukesh asks Seerat to take the kabaddi challenge if she wants Maurya’s nameplate. Sīrat refused. Both Mukesh and Sheela force Siarat to take the challenge. Karthik comes from behind and fights Mukesh in a kabaddi together with Serat. Sīrat and the others were surprised. Karthik and Mukesh challenge each other to play fair games.

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